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How to Become a Better Marketer in 3 Steps

Is advertising your great passion in life? If so, what’s stopping you from forging out a career for yourself as a marketer? The industry is always looking for individuals who are hungry for success, as they’re the ones that bring the freshest and best ideas to the table.

Once you’ve got your feet under the table in the field of marketing, you should begin to strive for more. Why shouldn’t you aim to reach the pinnacle of your chosen career ladder? To reach those lofty heights, you’re first going to have to resolve to become the best marketer that you can possibly be. Read on to find out how that can be achieved.

Hone your pattern-reading ability

At its core, marketing is all about pattern reading. It’s about seeing what has and hasn’t worked in the past with regards to specific advertising campings, and then making decisions for the future based off of whatever information and/or trends you unearth.

If you’re to reach the pinnacle of your career ladder, quite simply, you’re going to have to master the art of pattern reading sooner rather than later. There are a number of ways to hone this all-important ability, one of the strangest yet most effective of them all being to play poker. Whether you choose to play it virtually via Unibet or you choose to sit in on a physical game being held in a casino, learning the ropes with regards to this activity will benefit you massively as a marketer going forward. When you play poker, you’ll find yourself paying closer attention to the moves that your competitors make so that you can forecast what they’re going to do next. As a result, you’ll naturally begin to understand what it takes to read patterns and then use the information that you unearth to make more informed decisions.

If nothing else, playing poker will provide you with some respite from the stresses of being a modern-day marketer!

Push the boundaries

You’re never going to become the quality marketer that you know you can become if you don’t push the boundaries every now and again. Sometimes, you just need to try something different, think outside the box, and experiment with your advertising campaigns. Only when you do that will your advertising efforts be noticed.

If you truly want to start pushing the boundaries when it comes to your brand identity, be sure to heed the advice laid out by MarketingWeek:

• Run flexible advertising campaigns

• Combine graphic design with brand communications

• Give different creative approaches a go

• Make use of a multitude of media outlets

• Try your hand at different advertising types

Brush up on your marketing history

You might strive to create your own specific brand of advertising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see what has and hasn’t worked for marketers in the past. Brush up on some history, take a look at what’s been attempted before, find inspiration on what has worked, and avoid the mistakes made by others in the past.

When it comes to checking out a bit of marketing history, advertising blogs are always a good first port of call. Some of the very best sites to look at in this instance include:

• John Doherty

• 9Clouds

• HubSpot

• GetResponse

Take the above advice, and you’ll be sitting pretty atop of your career ladder in no time.

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