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How to Connect with Attendees like a MIND READER!

You are going to absolutely LOVE this interview!  But first...I have a quick Favor to ask...Please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel (Click Here) - if you haven't yet of course. Doesn't cost a penny and would be great to help my channel reach more people! In this episode, you will Learn how to Connect with Attendees like a MIND READER and INCREASE Lead Generation at Trade Shows from a Professional Mentalist! Jonathan Pritchard, who has conducted over 17,000 sales presentations, founded ROI Trade Shows to help clients get more out of their exhibits. He combines his decades of entertainment experience with his powerful business marketing skills to create dynamic presentations that help attract, educate, and qualify leads. We Discuss:

  • Lead generation strategies like giveaways & swag

  • Using in-booth presenters

  • Which strategies work best

  • Creating custom experiences

  • And much more!

Wouldn't it be cool to make sure your Engagement Strategy is the best it could be?? 

Let's talk about it! Book Your Free 15-minute Call!


Jim CermakHost & Trade Show Coach  

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