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How to Create Special Events People Will Love

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing, Speaker, Author and Business Coach

One of the best ways that entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, small-business owners, brands and individuals can position themselves in the market they serve, is to be significantly creative.

A unique, creative online and offline presence yields the attention that's immensely important for any marketing you do. There are good examples of branding and offline presence everywhere, from Amazon Prime taping and branded boxes to Uber and Lyft drivers with stickers on their windshields and windows.

And when it comes to offline marketing, events are where the money's at! Special events are a big part of my business, from my speaking engagements to the AMP Up networking events that my company throws. And I always do something out of the ordinary to provide added value for attendees and sponsors.

Whether it's inviting a magician to perform at a perception-themed event or creating custom video recaps for our sponsors to share, events that provide extra value will attract the right people.

Eventful marketing

Accordingly to a Forrester study, CMOs invest 24 percent of their marketing budget in live event experiences. This represents a direct impact of more $500 billion being spent in this industry worldwide.

For those without event planning experience, putting one on can elicit anxiety or even panic. In order to host the event of your dreams, there are two obstacles that most novice event planners have to deal with:

  1. Visualizing, sharing and executing the vision for your event.

  2. Finding the right vendors, at an affordable price, and in a timely fashion.

If you learn how to address these issues, you're ensured to be in a better position to attract the right sponsors, sell enough tickets to attendees and create the awareness needed to earn brand credibility.

Visualizing, sharing and executing the vision of your event

These three components of event planning are essential. You cannot put on a great event without all three. First, you need to have a clear vision of the event you want to plan. Second, be able to effectively share that with potential attendees and event sponsors. And third, you must follow through on that plan. If you fail to address any of these, your event will not live up to its potential to provide maximum value.Visualization is probably the most difficult of these tasks, especially if you do not have previous experience throwing events similar to the one you are planning. Fortunately, there are technologies available to assist you with visualizing your event space.

One of my favorite examples of "event tech" provides you the ability to create an event in the VR environment, in a specific or generic venue, complete with everything your event needs: furniture, TVs, stage, lighting, catering, entertainment, branding, etc.

Here's the best part: You don’t need headsets to use it! You can visualize the event with your laptop, desktop, tablet or even your phone.

This visualization also provides you with an opportunity to identify possible problems with the layout before you ever get to the venue. And it prepares you to share this vision with potential attendees, who are the most vital component of any event.

Finding the right vendors, at an affordable price, in a timely fashion

Even if you have the right attendees lined up for the event you've visualized, you can't pull off a great show without quality vendors.

Whether you are looking for a venue, caterer, entertainment, audio-visual provider or furniture, choosing the right vendors is essential. Choose the wrong vendors and you'll have many unhappy attendees.

When you're going after event sponsors or vendors, look for companies that are aligned with not only the goals of your event but with your company's core values.

One of the best ways to accomplish both of these tasks is a through RIC analysis. Look at the Reasons to participate in your event, the Impact that vendors can have on you and your audience and the Capabilities you either have or need in order to knock your event out of the ballpark. The RIC analysis will help you get better aligned with your vendors and sponsors, leading to a more effective (and rewarding) event for all involved.

Creating events people love

If you are able to create and share a vision for your event that provides attendees loads of value, find the right vendors and sponsors to put it on, then execute on these ideas, you'll maximize your event and your marketing.

That's how to orchestrate an event that everyone will love.

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