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How to Form Stronger Relationships With Your Supervisors

The relationship between the boss and the employee is incredibly important for everyone involved. It allows team members to make significant changes in their roles in an effort to progress and succeed within the company, while also giving managers the opportunity to create a more motivated, collaborative, trusting, and positive environment in the workplace. Strong relationships benefit the entire organization, helping to improve attractiveness, reputation, and profitability. However, no relationship is built overnight; they require thought, care, and active work. To that end, here are some of the best and most efficient ways you could build a stronger and healthier relationship with your boss:

Learn how to communicate

It’s a well-known fact that good communication in the workplace is essential for streamlined and successful operations. But when it comes to building a stronger relationship with your boss, you might need to go a step beyond simply being open, honest, and communicative. You will also have to notice patterns and find out when and how they like to communicate. For instance, your boss might like receiving emails rather than messages, and only accepts inquiries during working hours. Regardless of their preferences, knowing this information before attempting to communicate could greatly improve your relationship.

Ask for advice and help

If your goal is to gain new skills and advance your career, try asking your boss for help and advice every now and again. Don’t do it often and for trivial things, but rather invite them to find or validate a solution to a challenging issue you are currently facing. Asking for advice on important issues demonstrates just how much you respect your boss and value their opinion, and it might even make your managers more likely to warm up to you once they see you as a potential protégé.

Offer help when needed

Apart from asking for help, it could be quite beneficial to occasionally offer it to your boss as well. Many supervisors tend to have a full plate, and likely won’t speak frankly about the help they truly need. For that reason, it might be wise to ask your boss whether they need a hand with anything during a conversation. Showing that you are able and willing to take on a bit more work is a great way to advance and build stronger relationships. Perhaps this additional work could also position you for bigger and better career opportunities in the future.

Give your boss a present

Whether it’s the holiday season, your boss’s birthday, or a special milestone they’ve managed to reach, giving your supervisor a present is a great idea, as long as the occasion is appropriate. It shows you value and appreciate them, care about their accomplishments, and think about them even outside of the work environment. A gift like quality men's jewelry can be a brilliant choice. Not only is this a unique and more personal present they likely won’t receive from other employees, but bracelets, pins, tie bars, and cuff links are also elegant and timeless accessories your boss will use for years to come.

Attempt to over-deliver

If at all possible, work hard to exceed your boss’s expectations. When you are working on a project, for example, try to provide a realistic timeline for when the project will be finished. Then, surprise your boss by completing it ahead of schedule. This will make you appear productive, proactive, and as if you can efficiently manage your workload. Aside from contributing to new growth and success opportunities for the company, such extraordinary behavior will also allow you to get on your boss’s good side and improve your relationship.

Seek relevant feedback

You should never be afraid to ask your supervisors for feedback. While one aspect of their job might be to provide relevant feedback, bosses are often too busy juggling a number of work-related responsibilities, and too many employees shy away from speaking up. However, asking for constructive feedback could be of great help for your relationship and your career. It shows interest and engagement with the work you are doing, a willingness to learn, grow, and evolve, and it also provides you with the opportunity to identify your weak spots and improve your work, thus making you a better, more efficient employee.

Always show them respect

After all, respect is a two-way street. It has to be shown in order to be earned. Even if you don’t particularly like your boss, you should still clearly demonstrate your respect and regard for them. Chances are your boss has earned this high position for a good reason, and that is admirable in any case. Not to mention that your supervisors are higher up on the corporate ladder than you, meaning that disrespect and poor behavior could ruin your relationship with them, as well as hinder your current career path.

Improving your relationship with your boss is all about establishing trust in more ways than one. As long as you adhere to the helpful tips mentioned above, you can easily build a stronger, healthier, and more successful relationship with your supervisors and leaders.

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