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How to Have a Cooler Home Every Summer: Top Tips

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This summer has been the hottest on record so far, and they say it's just the beginning – get ready to get scorched in the following seasons! But while everyone is getting ready to go to the beach or the lake (or even just a nearby waterpark!) to cool off, what about those of us who have no choice but to stay home and get through the sweltering heat? If you can't go on vacation just yet and are wondering how you can survive this season, the good news is there are things you can do to make your house cooler – apart from opting for a new air conditioning system (that works, too – but more on that later). So do you want to have a cooler home every summer? Here are some top tips.

  • Block it, and don't let it get in

It may sound simple – why don't you prevent the heat from coming in? Unfortunately, the fact that it's a simple solution has led to its undoing – people tend to forget it! But it's all too true – if the heat cannot get in, you're already halfway there. For instance, shade your walls and windows with external covers, such as awnings, blinds, or even huge plants in pots to prevent heat from getting inside. It is also an investment that's worth it if you put deciduous trees in your home to cast their shade over it. Another solution would be to get your windows tinted and invest in better insulation – you’d be amazed at the difference it makes, and your home will be cooler come winter, too.

  • Set your thermostat to the ideal temperature

Even though we all react differently to hot and cold, there's such a thing as an ideal temperature. The experts say the perfect temperature for your air conditioner is 75 to 80 F. But here's something you may not know about – when you increase the thermostat by just 1 degree F in warm weather, you can reduce the operational cost of your air conditioning system by at least 1%! So if you think this may be the best time to upgrade your system, choose one with a high energy and efficiency rating and ask the professionals to ensure that you select the ideal system for your needs, as suggested by HVAC Aurora IL specialists like McNally.

  • Seal any gaps

Often, it's the simple things that matter – and another simple remedy to keeping your home cool every summer is to seal any gaps and close the doors of the rooms you don't use. With this, you can make sure that heat cannot escape and your AC will not be overworked. Look around your windows and doors for gaps that can easily let cool air escape, and use excluders so that the air will remain inside the space.

  • Set the fans to run counter-clockwise

If you have ceiling fans, don't you feel that they merely push around the hot air instead of cooling it down? Well, big surprise there – they may be doing just that! Set your fans to move counter-clockwise so they can push the air down, creating a cooling effect. You may also want to set the speed to a high setting. You can use your ceiling fans to complement your other cooling systems, so check that they are rotating in the right direction – and this can make a huge difference.

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