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How To Increase Your Website Traffic

Have you ever felt unnoticed, especially online? Every day, internet content creators use internet algorithms and search engines in order to achieve an elusive goal – to be #1. To make content stand out on the internet, one needs to unify a cohesive digital marketing strategy. The first step towards achieving SEO, or search engine optimization, is to browse your content on multiple devices. This is to make sure that search engine functions will recognize your page, no matter what device your user is currently browsing on, which is critical because mobile devices currently account for about half of all internet traffic.

Additionally, research trends indicate that artificial intelligence, or AI, will play a monumental role in the way people interact with data in the future. When Google introduced the concepts that became known as Google PageRank in 1996, the idea of using internet links as a ranking signal, or organizational tool, revolutionized the way people researched and interacted with information. What this represented was an explosive development within the field of information technology, through which mankind reached out and touched, for the first time, its collective hive mind, and achieved the ability to simultaneously think thoughts and ask questions together.

What does this mean for your average content creator? It means we need to know how to capture the attention of the AI-driven bots that constantly trawl the web for information. One of the ways through which we can do this is video content, which is critical to attracting the attention of these automated arbiters of popularity. The neural-network AI constantly searches for content which it believes to provide what Google calls EAT, or “expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness”. This means exactly what you think it means – these corporations are developing the means to artificially tell who is presenting factual information, and who isn’t.

Therefore, what we need to do as internet content creators is to create content about which we are passionate. We need to “write what we know”, and carry this worldview into our digital lives. Just like other people can tell when we aren’t being genuine, the internet can, too. That means it is our duty to produce genuine content, but at the same time, be aware of what draws attention. Moreover, understanding search engine optimization will help creators truly reach their target audiences.

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