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How to Use Data at Registration to Improve Your Events

You’ve been sourcing information from the start. Up to this point, you might’ve sent targeted emails based on session interest and occupation, you’ve sent emails that use their name in the greeting, and it’s time to use the information you’ve gathered. You don’t want to bother attendees with unnecessary data gathering, so when you get information, use it! Personalize that experience. Plan from the start what items will need more information to be personalized, which will ensure you only get the info you need and can explain how it will be used to those who have questions. The Information You Might Have to Work With

  • Name

  • Company

  • Position

  • Length of time attending

  • Sessions Attending

  • Dietary preferences

  • Hotel

What Can You Do with It?

  • Keep at the email marketing. Now that they’re almost on site, send them an email to build excitement that pulls in the first session or event they’ll be attending.

  • Answer questions as quickly as you can – make sure if attendees are uncertain about basic event details that you respond to them efficiently.

  • Start check-in off right. An uncrowded, easy registration will get the event off on the right foot. Using self-check-in kiosks will give attendees control and allow them to make sure their badges and information are correct. You don’t want them to go to find their badge and discover that it has their name misspelled.

  • If you have welcome gifts or swag bags, have them at the ready and add their name to the item.

  • If your event is held at a hotel, there’s a lot you can do to prepare for their welcome. Have gifts or small treats in their room before they arrive with a short welcome note with their name.

Get creative. There’s a lot you can do with the information you have. Personalization is about the little things, taking the data you have and automating processes to make attendees feel like individuals. Whether your personalization only goes as far as adding a name to an email subject line or is a completely individual experience for attendees, it makes a difference. Read more! How to Gather Key Data Onsite

Madison Howard A graduate of the College of William and Mary, my passion for writing began before I could read, with a nightly verbal diary dictation transcribed by my obliging parents. When I'm not writing, you can find me binge-watching TV shows, baking elaborate desserts, and memorizing pop culture facts.

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