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I found a Monk to help you Fight Fatigue at Your Next Show!

There are 6 Items for you in this email, including exciting new stuff - and it'll take you approximately 99 seconds to read the whole thing...and your ROI is worth it! 1) This week - The Monk Without the Funk!

Okay - did you just read that and say "What???" Trust me - my guest this week can transform how you feel at shows and beyond! Keith Brewer, a Fitness Recovery Expert known as The Monk Without the Funk, helps go-getters that are over 40 learn how to look and feel younger using little-known Eastern and Western methods. And joining me to discuss How to stay healthy and strong and combat fatigue and stress while working the long hours of trade shows - no matter what your age! Check it out and learn how to combat Stress and Fatigue! Episode #162 with Keith Brewer!

2) FOOD & WINE!! (do I have your attention?)

---- We launched our brand new 5-minute Podcast Series called Perfect Pairings - Events, Food & Wine! featuring my good friend, food, and wine entertainment expert Michael Green!

And this Thursday, check out Ep 163 - Perfect Pairings 3 - Keep it Fresh!

3) Coming up Next! - don't miss any of these episodes! Make sure you're subscribed!

  • 8/11 - Perfect Pairings 3 - Keep it Fresh!

  • 8/15 - Interview with Joe Colangelo - CEO of Bear Analytics

  • 8/18 - Perfect Pairings 4 - Booth Talent

  • 8/22 - Interview with Stephan Murtagh - The Exhibition Guy!

4) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #151 - "Have To" vs "Get To" Attitude

  • As much as Trade Shows can be exciting, the planning, preparation and work can be anything but. That is why we need to adopt a "Get To" attitude instead of a "Have To" attitude.

  • In the million things on your plate, make sure you say you "Get To" plan for your upcoming show! And if that feels fake, then close your eyes and think about your last show or event -- the excitement, the fun, the people -- and let that help change your attitude! Everything will go better, you'll feel better, and you WILL have a more successful event!

5) MY FAVE PODCASTS - The Ed Mylett Show

  • This one isn't specifically trade show related, but is powerful!

  • If you don't know Ed Mylett, you should! Even though Ed is one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet, he is very down to earth, and his interviews with some of the biggest names on the planet are always geared to help you and I - the listeners! Leadership, health, winning, mindset and so much more!

  • Check out an episode and let me know what you think! Listen Now!

6) Did you miss these episodes? Don't worry! Click below to listen!

To your Wildly Successful next event

About the author, Jim Jim Cermak has over 25 years of marketing, consulting, and training experience, and has planned and worked hundreds of Trade Shows. He gets a little overly excited about Trade Shows, and puts that passion into helping companies get better results!


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