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I've made this critical mistake before...too many times

Are you making this critical mistake? I know I did for years!! 1) This week - Don't Pre-Judge Attendees

In this episode, I share a PRO TIP that fixes what plagues so many exhibitors...and that is Pre-judging attendees. By that, I mean picking and choosing who to engage with as they walk past your booth. You look at someone approaching your booth and decide whether or not to engage with them based on their age, what they’re wearing, if they’re a man or a woman, or even what company they are from.

Understand that you don’t know this person and you don’t know their role in the company until you ask them. You ARE missing opportunities! Getting people into your booth is all about Engagement!

Let's Fix this NOW! I give simple tips to increase the number of leads for your next show!

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip - Be Aware of Show Restrictions Before you purchase that giant banner or have a plan to walk the show handing out stuff, check with the show to make sure you can actually do what you're planning! Shows have different height requirements and other regulations on what you can or can't do. So don't assume you can just do that next "great idea"! Double-check so you don't get disappointed. 3) IT'S HERE!! New Trade Show Traffic Scorecard! Our Brand New and Exclusive Trade Show Booth Traffic Scorecard was sent out to email subscribers ONLY last week in a separate email! Did you get your copy?? And it's ABSOLUTELY FREE! Just need to be signed up on this email newsletter list. So SHARE this with someone and have them go to to sign up! Let me know what you think of the Booth Traffic Scorecard! Reply back with your comments!

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Jim Cermak Host & Trade Show Coach

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