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Increase Attendee Engagement with a Powerful Tool

Are you podcasting at Trade Shows?  Even if you don't currently have a podcast, you need to consider it AND listen to this interview. Trade Show University founder and host Jim Cermak interviews Carey Green, founder of Podcast Fast Track - a full-service podcast production agency and a full-service on-location recording solution for events, conferences, trade shows, and more. He is also host of his own daily podcast which averages over 10,000 listeners per day. We Discuss:

  • Podcasting and the Mobile Podcast Studio option for events and trade shows.

  • Why every event organizer or trade show operator should consider podcasting as part of their strategy

  • What kind of events or event topics are best-fit for using a mobile podcast studio at their event

  • Different use cases for an on-site podcast recording studio at an event

  • Sound issues at live events

  • And more!a

Watch or Listen to the episode and discover the power of podcasting at events...even if you don't currently have a podcast! Ep 243 - Podcasting Options for Trade Shows

Looking forward to hearing YOUR success stories in 2024!  Let's create some together!


Jim CermakHost & Trade Show Coach  

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