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Increase Engagement on Video Posts 70%

by Louie Bischoff

Here are 3 Easy Actions that you can take to support your SEO.


Regarding your video content, the use of closed captions is extremely important to boost your search engine optimization or SEO.

Did you know that the words used in closed captioning are also indexed in search results?

This makes it a lot EASIER TO FIND that content in a web search.


When using captions and hashtags and your videos, you're able to tell the story also in your caption and use specific industry keywords as your hashtags.

This strategy will help connect to your audience and MAKE YOUR VIDEO MORE SEARCHABLE, boosting your SEO.


Whether it’s someone you collaborate with or the creator of user-generated content, tagging others WHEN DONE PROPERLY can help your reach and SEO.

By tagging other accounts related to your brand, you can increase engagement on your video posts by up to 70%.

Add Them Together

All of these, in combination, are sure to make your video more popular and


It's As Easy As 1-2-3

Let's spend 30 mins together coming up with great video strategies that will be as easy as 1-2-3 to increase your sales!!

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Louie Bischoff - Owner Louie lives in the Phoenix, AZ area. She has had the opportunity to work directly with Facebook/Instagram in their SMB Advertising Area - where she learned many tips & tricks to make the 'algorithm your friend' for ads!! She has had her own marketing business with small business clients located throughout the world on and off since 2006, with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing and Marketing Strategy, Louie has her MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Prior to focusing on Digital Advertising, she built a career in the consumer product industry as a Product Manager. Louie was an award-winning adjunct faculty member at Thunderbird Graduate School where she has taught Business Communication/ Business Writing classes. She also lived overseas in Taipei, Taiwan for six years while teaching business communications with international companies. In addition to her MBA in International Management, she has her BA in Broadcast Journalism/English (minor) from the University of Arizona. Louie has two teenage sons.

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