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Interactive Signage: When a Sign Greets You By Name

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Interactive and digital signage is hot right now, with the digital signage market expected to grow to $24 billion by 2020. Here are just two of the biggest trends in signage that integrated marketers should expect to see more of through the remainder of the year and beyond.

Interactive Signage

Digital interactive signage tends to stand out when compared with traditional static forms. With advances in technology, digital signs are becoming even more interactive, turning what would otherwise be a passive look into an engaging personal experience. Small businesses need all the impressions they can get, so look for more opportunities to add interactive elements to your digital signs.

Beacon signs equipped with Bluetooth technology can be used to sense people who are nearby, when they have the proper app on their smartphone. Users send their identity to the app, which responds by sending tailored information (such as a coupon) back to the user.


Low-tech interactive signs can even include tactile elements, such as signs at a zoo that help demonstrate what animals feel like to the touch.

Adding a digital display sign would enable your business to welcome customers by name on a screen, or send personalized offers based on their shopping habits.

Facial recognition is also now possible, allowing signs to recognize customers and display appropriate content.

Touchscreen kiosks are becoming more popular as well, enabling visitors to browse virtual catalogs, play games, and so on. If you're seeking cutting-edge digital solutions for your signage needs, a professional sign company in Austin can provide the expertise and technology you're looking for.

Social Signage

As many as 81 percent of all small and medium businesses in the country are now using at least one social network. So it’s pretty safe to assume that your customers (as well as your competitors) are using social networks.

Social media is a handy tool for encouraging customer loyalty and interaction, and will doubtless continue to grow. If you’re already using digital signage, adding social media to your messaging would be a natural fit.

Consider the recent popularity of the latest social media craze, Pokemon GO as an example of the power of social media. A pizza restaurant in New York recently reported a 75% increase in business after spending a mere $10 to drop a digital Pokemon “lure” at its location for gamers to find in their quest for points.

By staying aware of trends and the activities your customers are into, you’ll be able to find new ways to capitalize on them and integrate them into your business.



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