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Is launching a crypto PR campaign worth it?

Updated: May 13, 2022

Launching the right crypto PR campaign for your brand can make or break your IDO project. With great PR comes boosted traffic, increased investment, and an increased sense of brand identity.

There’s a reason that in 2019, over 11.27 billion U.S. dollars were spent on business PR. Launching a crypto PR campaign is no different, and it’ll open up doors for your company.

If you’re looking to elevate your brand and secure future funding, then launching a crypto PR campaign is almost always worth it. Let’s take a look at the process and what benefits it can unlock.

What is crypto PR?

Crypto public relations is the process of shaping a brand’s image through putting out content, engaging with audiences, and attracting new customers.

The difference between crypto PR and regular PR is that the former will focus on channels that are specifically based on the crypto community.

Due to the bans that were placed on some social platforms in regard to cryptocurrency, the channels a PR manager would use for a cypto PR campaign would differ.

Similarly, the sites you would send out a press release to would be focused on crypto news. Sites like CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph would become your main ports of call.

What are the benefits of launching a crypto PR campaign?

A solid crypto PR campaign will enable you to gather traction around your IDO project. Not only will your agency be managing how you appear online, but you’ll also be getting a sounding board for future plans and ideas. That’s not all, by launching a crypto PR campaign, you’ll also unlock the following benefits for your blockchain company:

  • Increased traffic to your IDO project

  • Brand authenticity and authority

  • Attract your target market

  • Boosted funding and exposure within the crypto community

Let’s break these down a little further.

Increased Traffic

A successful PR campaign will set the world alight with news about your cryptocurrency company. By reaching out through press releases to media companies, you’ll be able to spread the word about your impending launch.

Similarly, a well-managed PR campaign will use crypto-related channels to garner the attention of the crypto community. Sites like Reddit and Steemit are vital contenders in this strategy.

By getting your name out there on the internet, a PR campaign will ensure that more people take notice of your IDO project. With more active traffic coming to your pages, there is a higher chance that you’ll attract investors and secure your spot as a successfully launched IDO.

Brand Authenticity and Authority

A large part of crypto PR is about engaging with the community and ensuring that your company is there to respond to questions about the product. By participating in interviews and podcasts within the crypto space, you’ll be building up your brand authority.

As more and more people come across your brand and the stories, podcasts, and interviews you’ve published, they will realize that your brand is legitimate and an expert in the field. This knowledge will put people’s mind at ease, as well as ensuring that investors actively trust your brand.

Attract Your Target Market

By engaging directly with the crypto community through their preferred channels, you’ll be able to cultivate an audience of people that share an interest in IDO projects.

By specifically targeting these groups, you’ll have more luck in acquiring new customers and striking up a buzz around your business.

Boosted Funding

At the end of the day, a crypto PR campaign has the overall objective of garnering more support for an IDO project. With increased traffic and establishing your brand authority comes boosted funding.

One of the most important parts of a PR campaign is managing relations with other websites in the crypto community. Doing this well can result in a huge number of backlinks acquired from a single PR campaign. Just check out this graph that demonstrates how successful a crypto PR campaign can be for your company!

Final Thoughts

Investing in a crypto PR agency and campaign is an investment right back into your business. You’ll be increasing your exposure, gaining new targeted customers, and proving to the world that your brand is reputable and an expert in the field. About Author -

Almog Atar is content writer and copywriter specializing in Crypto, ICO's Financial Investments Sport & Health enthusiast.

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