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Keys to Sustainability at Trade Shows and Events!

The vast experiences of the professionals throughout the event industry never cease to amaze me! This week is a great example... Ep. 150 - Sustainability in the Trade Show Industry - with Al Mercuro My guest, Al Mercuro, is the Senior Account Director with Genesis Exhibits, and has done everything from being a lighting tech to producing concerts, to designing displays for use in the Olympics and the Super Bowl! We Discuss sustainability in the industry, how companies can stay "Green" with their exhibits, and so much more. Check out the episode, and then please share it with others! Click Here! And here's a great chance to listen to any past episodes you missed: - Ep 149 - The Excitement of Game Shows at Your Booth - with Matthew King - Ep 148 - Simplify the Pre-Event Experience - with Adam Jones - Ep 147 - Selecting & Training the Right Staff - with Lee Ali SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE - Thursday, May 26, I am releasing a special interview with the President of the National Trade Show Alliance - Laura Palker - to talk all about their important series of events called the Invisible Industry Tour. This is going to be impactful! Be sure you are subscribed to your podcast platform so you do not miss it! Next week...I'm sharing MORE Travel Tips! These are for when you're at the show, and when you're heading home. You don't want to miss it! To check out all the episodes, visit my Episode Guide which has every episode sorted by category. This week's Tip - Jim's Pro Tip # 140 - Make People feel Comfortable!

  • If you have a larger booth or if you’re planning on getting into some longer conversations in your booth, then do things to make people comfortable. Add comfortable chairs, add extra thick padding under your carpet, and even have snacks and bottles of water. Anything to make it inviting and have people want to stick around.

This week, reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while and reconnect! And if we haven't connected in a while - or ever - reply and let me know what's happening in your world! I would love to hear from you!


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