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What is the Land securities group plc?

Land Securities is the largest company regarding investment and commercial property development in the United Kingdom. When REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust status) were offered in the UK, the company shifted to REITs in January of 2007.

What does the land securities group do?

Land securities buy, manage, develop, and sell best- quality retail, office, and vibrant space on vibrant local locations and particularly in London.

They offer a significant range of development opportunities, with new impressive office, residential, and retail optLand securities create pleasant experiences for the community within the places of their working, shopping, socializing, and living.

Where does land securities operate?

Land securities operate in the United Kingdom. Its headquarter is located in London, England. It is a component of the FTSE 100 Index while it deals with the London Stock Exchange.


A long time ago, Land Securities Investment Trust Limited owned some stock of government and three houses in the area of Kensington. Harold Samuel, the founder of Land securities purchased the Land Securities Trust in 1944, and thence Land Securities group plc was originated. Afterward, the company continued to acquire further holdings. In 1947, the company focused specifically on commercial property. Until 1971, Land Securities acquired some non-United Kingdom investments, yet these were sold off in 1971, and the company focuses solely on the market of the United Kingdom since then.

The company name changed from Land Securities Investment Trust Limited to Land Securities Group plc in 1982. In 2000, the company bought Trillium, and in 2002 Land Securities along with WPG (William Pears Group), established Telereal, a 50/50 JV Company. In 2007, the company sold its shares in telereal to William Pears Group and bought the portfolio of British Telecom property. In 2009, the company sold Trillium to William Pears Group.

In January of 2010, Robert Noel joined Land Securities as the managing director of the London properties of the company. He had been working as a property director in the Great Portland Estates plc since 2002.

In March of 2012, Robert Noel succeeded Francis Salway as chief executive of Land Securities plc.

On June 12th, 2017, Land Securities was rebranded as Landsec, while the registered name of the company is still Land Securities Group plc.

On March 31st, 2020, Robert Noel resigned from the position of CEO of the company and Martin Greenslade acted as the interim CEO of the company until April 14th, 2020. He had been working as the Chief Financial Officer of the company.

On April 14th, 2020, Mark Allan joined Land Securities as the CEO.


Land Securities believe that great places are made for the experience of people and are made with great people's experience.

Landsec operates with this philosophy that runs throughout their business. With this philosophy in mind, Landsec invests in people, thereby understanding their mindsets and building relationships to build experiences.

Another factor that sets them apart id the diversity of thought in the leadership team of the company.

They drag and work upon the knowledge, expertise as well as differential backgrounds of their management to bring forward the best of all experiences for their customers, employees, partners, and communities.

By getting these things right, they can build everlasting value for their shareholders.


Land Securities owns and manages several property assets that are among the most recognizable and successful assets in the United Kingdom. Their portfolio is a disparate mix of retail, specialist spaces, and offices in London as well as across the United Kingdom.

In London, their buildings cover the classical Piccadilly lights as well as developments including The Zig Zag Building and Nova, due to which Victoria has been transformed into a new vibrant destination. The hotels and leisure parks of Landsec at Piccadilly Lights offer the customers to ski, play, swim, go to the cinema, or golf. These parks are highly-attractive places where everything is experience. Land Securities work hard to ensure the best possible experience at these places and maintain the group charm for the families, colleagues, and friends.

Moreover, the working of Landsec at much-cherished shopping centers including Bluewater in Kent, Westgate Oxford, St. David's, and Trinity Leeds in Cardiff has made them a chosen partner for local authorities and retailers.


In the present era, people expect a lot more than ever, from their shopping experience. Therefore, retail centers must be improved to go beyond choice and convenience so that they become places that contribute to a truly memorable time.

So, Land Securities update and refresh the retail spaces to make them maximize their potential.

They also create fresh retail destinations along with mixed-use spaces to encourage the urban regeneration that perform well in the long haul.

Among all that Land securities do, they assist retailers all over the United Kingdom to provide the best possible experience to their customers that includes growing sales, increasing footfall, as well as getting the best outcomes for everyone.


Land securities act quickly in response to trends and changes in their markets, thereby managing their assets actively, and adjusting major development activities and investments to minimize risk and maximize the return.

Another aim of Land Securities is to lead its industry in integral long-term cases – from community employment and diversity to climate and carbon resilience.

Their goal is to build an awesome experience for everyone they rely on, including their customers, communities, employees, and partners. This is the way they believe to be best for creating long-term sustainable value for their shareholders as well as everyone else they affect.


Land Securities is the largest property development company in the United Kingdom. They own, build, and manage property across the United Kingdom and aim to build an awesome experience whom they rely on, including communities, their employees, customers, and partners.


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