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Law Firm Marketing – Best Online Strategies You Can Use

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We live in a highly modern world with technology providing us with an answer or

solution to almost everything that we have to deal with!

Furthermore, a great part of that technology is available to us via the online

environment, which has done an amazing job of integrating all industries and areas

within it. As such, all types of businesses – from factories to startups and even to law

firms – need the online to survive and grow!

Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll tell you what kind of strategies you can use for

the online marketing of your law firm, as well as present you with some reasons as to

why you may need the help of attorney SEO experts when developing your


Take Full Advantage of Your Website

The website of a law firm shouldn’t be seen as a simple way to communicate your

services to potential clients. A website can do much more than just that!

● It is the ideal tool for your law firm to share its values and practices with the

rest of the world. This also lets people know why they should work with your

particular law firm and not with any other firm on the market.

● Moreover, a well-designed website can easily become the hub of your entire

business, especially if you add a blog or a forum where you directly and free-

of-charge engage in helping people with minor issues. In short, the website of

a law firm should be more than just a brief description of the firm and a

contact form!

Don’t Look Down on SEO

● Even though SEO comes up as the main way to promote your business – no

matter its industry -, a lot of people look down on it and don’t think that it’s

actually helpful. This usually happens because they don’t understand how it


● Search Engine Optimization relies on keywords to rank your page and website

higher and higher in the results of search engines. This is why some

businesses show up among the first 5 results and yours might be on the second page of Google!

A good SEO start implies targeting local keywords, categorizing your website

properly (so that Google and other search engines display it as a search result

correctly), and page optimization. The latter is extremely important as it

makes search engines analyze your pages more easily – thus ranking them

faster and better!

Social Media Activity

● A law firm may not need to use social media, but it’s clear that many potential

clients – if not all of them, actually – use more than just one social media platform.

Naturally, this means that a law firm should approach an online strategy that

involves social media, in order to spread the word of their services to as many

potential clients as possible.

● The use of social media is extremely important because you, as a service

provider, can start building relationships with your future clients long before

they come in for an appointment or meeting. This fact also shows your

followers that your law firm takes its time to be accessible to all kinds of

clients – even if they are potential ones only.

Content Marketing is Key – Because Content is King!

The online environment is ruled by content – as such, every online strategy must

involve the use of multiple types of content.

● However, the main thing to keep in mind when pushing content alongside

your online strategy is that the content must be, first of all, unique, and then

also provide readers/viewers with high-quality information!

● Although you may think that a video of an attorney explaining a common legal

practice is basic, there are people out there who would like to hear such

information without actually paying an attorney or legal counselor for it!

Content marketing will not only make people and potential clients trust you as

a voice in your industry but will also make them more likely to contact your

law firm when they need a problem fixed!

Professional Internet Marketing Services

● Even if you’ve just opened the doors of your law firm, this doesn’t mean that

you don’t have any clients and have plenty of time to take care of your online

marketing strategies.

● Given this, you may want to rely on professional internet marketing services

to help you grow your firm and establish its brand. Such services come in very

handy, especially if you don’t have the required experience or if you don’t want

to risk hiring someone in-house to handle marketing.

In many aspects, an internet marketing services provider can turn out to be cheaper

and much more effective than an in-house, full-time employee!

Constant Blog Improvement/Activity

● Despite popular opinion, a business’ blog is not a place where informative

articles are simply published – for anyone that may need them. A blog is, in

fact, a social extension of the main business that can act as a forum and even

as a PR platform where you keep your clients/community engaged!

● Businesses have to sustain an active presence throughout their online

marketing strategies. In short, you have to keep your social media pumping

links and high-quality content and your blog updated with new articles,

community events, and so on.

● On top of that, a blog is also the ideal way to market everything related to your

industry or business. While certain social media doesn’t allow the use or

upload of certain multimedia, you can post pretty much everything you want on your blog!

The Bottom Line

A law firm paired with proper online strategies will not only see guaranteed success

but will also build a community of people and clients that the firm can rely on for reviews, referrals and so on.

It is unlikely that a client will employ your law firm more than 10 times – especially if

they are not a business owner and/or involved in civil lawsuits only. However, any

type of client can push your law firm forward with a positive review or with a referral

made to that one friend they have that happens to run a multi-million-dollar


And just like that, a couple of online marketing strategies can ensure the popularity

of your law firm and make it a legal hub for your community and not only an office where people can come to solve legal issues!

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