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Learn how Women can Thrive in this Industry!

I have met and interviewed so many Women in the Events and Trade Show industries who are absolute Rock Stars! Why are so many women succeed in this industry, and how can more thrive? Honored to have 2 leaders who share their insights and experiences! 1) This week - Women in Events: Opportunities, Mentoring & More

Join Map Your Show's Regional Vice President, Abby Ingraham, and Marketing Associate, Madison Frye, as they give an in-depth view of women in the trade show industry at varying points in their careers.

We Discuss:

  • Advice for women thinking about a career in this industry

  • Create a work-to-life balance

  • Mentorship

  • Events for women in the industry to help build and empower them

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2) What would Time, Money & Location Freedom mean to you? Join my friend Vincent Pugliese, Author and Coach on a journey to Total Life Freedom! Vincent lives a life of total freedom, spending time with his family, and doing the things he loves, and wants to help you experience that kind of freedom! He has run masterminds for years and has helped so many entrepreneurs and professionals learn how to gain freedom. He has now launched the Total Life Freedom School at the unbelievably low price of just $9/month! Why so low? Because he truly wants to help as many people as possible enjoy all that life has to offer! Don't miss this!! Click HERE!

3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #179 - Always ask about the Attendees first!

Before going into your pitch talking about your company, product, or service, be sure to ask questions about the attendee first. Make sure they are qualified, and learn about their company and needs so you can tailor your presentation - or cut them loose if they aren't qualified or your product or service will not meet their needs.

You want to make sure you get their info at the beginning, because if they walk away at the end before you get the info, they may be lost forever! So have the plan to get it first!

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