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Lost in Communication

Updated: May 6, 2019

Along with the development of the technologies the ways of communicating are changing. More often we contact with each other via mobile phones, tablets and computers. Live conversations face to face are changed over texting or face-timing. Our natural gestures are replaced by smileys and emoji. The most important question is, therefore, whether the change is for better or worse.

What are the disadvantages?

From one point of view, a common chat in a real world is always better than seeing your interlocutor through a screen of a small electronic device. Especially, taking into consideration the fact that technology can be fallible. Probably a lot of people experienced such a phone or a face time call when the connection faltered, even to the point of not being able to hear or see the other person. It may be frustrating to small talk in such conditions, not even mentioning starting deep life conversation.

Another downside is that some aspects of body language cannot be conveyed through a phone call. Most of the information is coded in gestures, the way we move and look at the person. Words contain barely 7% of the information that we notice. On the other hand, apart from gestures, there is a voice that plays a fair role.

The tone and the height of voice can reveal our mood, attitude, even our background including origin, age and sex.

The most relevant advantage?

Time. The world is rushing and so do the people. Everything happens faster and faster, therefore, managing to set a date and see someone in person is almost impossible. What is more, nowadays many conferences and job interviews are held internationally through mobile devices. But then, what of the costs?

Fortunately, there is a nice fix for this problem. As the technology goes forward, there are more and more applications dealing with possible ways of building a channel between a customer and a company. One of the most recent ones is that makes it possible to communicate via various channels, including SMS, Push, social messengers and though voice. What is more, you can easily switch between them and keep a history of all conversation and interactions as the application is cloud-based. And probably the most appealing advantage is that it operates internationally.

Even though it is always worth to communicate with each other face to face, yet, nowadays we have to follow the pace of the universe and accept the fact that technology is guiding our lives in greater extent.

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