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Making The Most Of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a valuable way for businesses to contact and interact with their clients and customers. However, with most users getting constant content to their mailboxes, most of which they won’t even open, how can businesses big and small make the most of their email marketing campaigns? Whether you seek out the best agency offering SEO Essex has to offer, or you’re looking to set up your own campaigns in-house, here are our tips to making the most out of your email marketing.

The Subject Line Is Your Hook

Just like crafting a good title for a blog, making sure that your subject lines are catchy, inventive and most importantly will hook your audience is a must. Of course, you could just use the title of your piece, but having a different subject line and overall title adds variety. In general, you aren’t going to know which subject lines to use until you use them, so doing a little A/B testing could work in your favour. In general, this is the act of sending out half with one subject line, and half with another, and seeing which emails have the highest number of opens and overall click through rates can help you determine what’s working. In general, however, avoid too many calls-to-action in your subject lines, and while emoji’s have been proven to increase open rate, it’s important not to overdo it and only use it when relevant.

Make Sure You’re Offering Value!

Your clients and customers are looking for value, and your email marketing needs to provide exactly that. Some of your customers will be getting 10-100 emails a day, so you need to give them a reason to open yours over anyone else’s. Whether you’re offering them exclusive deals on products that they actually care about, or valuable information like a how-to or process guide, this kind of content will always do better than simply ‘20% off!’ Emotional value can also play a part – is your content inspirational? How about motivational? Can you offer your customers a morale boost they didn’t realise they needed until they read your email? This can be an amazing way of building up customer retention and returns, providing them with an experience they’ll appreciate, and your brand with a loyal customer base.

Don’t Go Overboard

Daily emails can get annoying. When you wake up every morning to countless emails from brands and retailers, its simple enough to brush it all aside and get on with your day. Unless a daily email will benefit your brand, it’s best to keep the frequency a little less! Make it weekly, or bi-weekly if you have the content to send. Scarcity can encourage open rates, as customers will be far more interested in what you have to say if they aren’t hearing about your sale every single day that its on – they heard you the first time! That being said, there’s no ‘right’ volume for emailing, and it could be another case of testing what works.

Keep It Short

Concentration levels, especially where emails are concerned, are extremely low. Your customers want to know exactly what your email is about without having to read masses of text or scroll to the bottom of the email to get to the link they need. The aim of any email marketing campaign is to get customers to click through to your website, so the smart move is to offer the ‘best bit’ early in the email. In fact, put it at the very top. Use a small, but catchy snippet of text, and then give them a clear link to follow! Use your email as bait – you want them to click through, so offer them just enough to hook them, but not enough to satisfy.

While email marketing might not seem like the most important method, it’s still just as important now as it ever has been, if not more so. Standing out in a crowded market is where the risks lie, but with our tips, you’ll be increasing that CTR in no time!

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