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Marketing Essay Writing: How to Write a Stellar Paper

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Students have to write different types of essays. They are different and have different purposes. This may induce some complications. Besides, an academic subject may also become a serious problem. Thus, many students are not capable of coping with essays on marketing. It’s a pretty complex subject and may cause some difficulties. However, if you know how to organize your writing you can successfully manage any assignment. A team of ENL writers from a professional custom essay writing service represents this guide which provides effective prompts on how to write a stellar paper on marketing.

Make allowances for the next stages of writing:

Choose and research the topic.

Know your audience.

Find evidence.

Make a plan.


Edit and proofread.

Let’s analyze these stages to get more insights.

Stage #1

Your first target is to choose a good topic. A really good topic should possess certain qualities. It is supposed to be:






Currently important;

Besides, it should solve a problem that is little studied or isn’t solved yet. For example, you can choose the next version “Why Some Marketing Strategies May Ruin Your Business?”

This is a very important issue. Some strategies may be effective for most enterprises. Nonetheless, they may become a real disaster for a certain number of business directions. You can explain why this happens and offer possible solutions. Thus, your research will be helpful for other people.

Of course, it’s not the end. Afterward, you should research the chosen topic. You’re supposed to know your topic. Review it from different angles and put questions to understand it better.

What is its purpose?

Why do you analyze it?

What significance does it bring?

How are you going to search for data?

How will you implement facts in your essay?

You will require feedback. Look for informative sources associated with your topic. Find trustworthy sources that are officially proved. These may be different studies, articles, books of educated and qualified marketers. Refine the found sources and think which ones can be used to disclose the topic.

Mind that your thesis statement should be formed in dependence on the data you have. If you compose a certain opinion but you don’t have enough facts and proofs, you should rewrite it and adjust to the materials you possess. If your thesis statement is “There are proper methods to overcome the issue of ineffective marketing strategies and I will show them”, you should be totally sure that you really have evidence that can solve this problem.

Stage #2

Every writer should clearly realize who is going to read his/her essay. You should know the targeted audience. No matter how you would like to conduct your research, you ought to present outcomes in a form that is appealing to your readers. Ask:

Who are they?

What is their age?

What is their background?

What do they want from your research?

You may be writing for entrepreneurs who cannot implement the most effective strategies properly. Accordingly, they expect to read really helpful recommendations that can solve their problems. Show them how wise you are and prove that with effective methods.

Stage #3

You should base your writing on some facts, news, proofs, statistics, and so on. Marketing is a specific sphere, which is always based on scientific background. There are no personal or self-reflective essays on marketing. Consequently, you must use official data written by other experts in this field. Use their studies and provide your own suggestions. Strengthen your methods with appropriate examples.

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Stage #4

It’s required to come up with a good plan. Marketing industry requires different kinds of plans and your academic writing is no exception. Your plan should consist of all stages of writing – preliminary research, writing, and post-writing. It will organize your work and will save a lot of precious time. These stages are:

Topic selection.

Gathering data.

Writing main parts (introduction, main body, and conclusion).




Always add these parts to your plan and will never miss anything important and won’t get stuck at some point.

Stage #5

After you gather the necessary data and craft an outline, begin to draft. Many inexperienced writers believe that they will manage to compose a flawless masterpiece at once. The truth is disappointing. Even the most skilled and gifted writers never write a perfect paper from one shot. You will surely make several mistakes. It’s inevitable and you should accept this reality.

Accordingly, begin with the draft. If you have enough time, write a couple of copies. Thus, you’ll increase your chances to write a great essay. You should write three major writing sections. These are:

Introduction. States general information about your essay and includes a thesis statement.

Main body. Develops the thesis statement. Consists of at least three paragraphs that provide evidence and support the main claim.

Conclusion. Makes a brief summary of the research. An author should interpret the results.

Stage #6

Don’t skip the stages of editing and proofreading. They are very important and if you make some mistakes, they can cost you many essential grades. Always revise your paper several times. Give heed to:


Stylistic features;

A choice of the language;

Tone and perspective;

Active and passive constructions;




You can use different grammar and plagiarism checkers to detect and fix mistakes. Use a reference generator to make correct citations. There are multiple applications that can help you to deal with these essentials.

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Annie james
Annie james
20 มิ.ย.

It may be quite difficult to write an essay especially on topics in marketing which can be compelling. But it is always useful to know how you will set out your work, and any task is do-able if you make it the right way. As a suggestion, writing an excellent marketing paper should not be a problem if you seek a custom essay writing company like Dissertation Writing Service London that offers quality prompts and writing assistance.


Ed Gentry
Ed Gentry
10 เม.ย. 2564

We can see some same characters in all articles. Writers get a chance to share important and compelling information by researching and forming writing idea and editing work to the readers. You have done a great job. I really enjoyed your posts. Keep writing a different type of article with all the important details. Good articles require good ideas. The quality of articles starts from its topic. I am a writer at the best paper writing service and all these articles help me a lot. Selecting a good topic will help the writers to grab the reader’s attention.


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