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Modern Marketing Techniques Worth Trying in Your Business

Not every marketing technique stands the test of time. Some prove to become less popular when overused. Others lose their effectiveness because they’ve been replaced with newer techniques that the intended audience have become more receptive to.

Here are a handful of modern marketing techniques worth trying in your business.

Web Video Marketing

The push towards video content and video marketing is growing steadily in force. There are just some types of products and/or services that are easier to market on video. It’s usually because they’re more visual in the first place.

For instance, a small kiddies’ swimming pool that a parent can erect themselves in five minutes is ideal for video. A video clip can depict the pool assembly in a sped-up video clip. Once the parent knows the pool is easier to put together than they thought, their hesitancy in buying it may vanish.

When it comes to web marketing video production, it pays to do it right. When the video looks poorly lit, shot in a cheap location, and with plenty of distracting background noise, the message is lost. Working with a professional video team means clips can be shot that meet the right standard to represent the brand powerfully.

Infographic Marketing

Infographic marketing is a long graphical representation. It contains useful statistics presented in a visually interesting way, which makes them digestible, even for people who don’t like numbers.

These types of infographics can be produced at a reasonable cost, either using or by outsourcing to a design agency. Using infographic directories, the image can be uploaded ready for other sites to search for and embed on their website. Typically, when the infographic is embedded, the site will customarily include a link to the source (your site).

While the said link is useful to help rank higher in Google, it’s also a way for people viewing the infographic to click through to see your site for perhaps the first time. This gives you the opportunity to sign them up for an email newsletter to get their contact details or sell them a product.

Content Marketing

Written content marketing is still going strong. Having a blog on your website providing useful information to customers and visitors represents your brand well.

Articles can also be written for other web sites that people possibly interested in your products or services might frequent. They may be impressed with the ideas and level of intelligent thought contained within a published article and wish to find out more about your company. This provides an opportunity to get referral traffic when content consumers read and then seek out the team behind the insightful ideas.

Try to present some original ideas in an interesting way that isn’t often seen on the web. Look for some cross-over between the audience on the site where your article will be published and your ideal customer. Find a balance, so that your articles have a broader appeal.

There are many different ways to market your business. You must be open to new approaches, enduring ones, and even a few on a resurgence like direct mail. They each have their place and time.


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