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Most Effective Practices to Handle Digital Marketing Projects Successfully

What do all of the award-winning digital marketing campaigns have in common? A powerful, yet subtle message that in within minutes or even seconds captures the audience’s attention on a deeper level. Simply put, high quality digital content can make one laugh, cry, and rethink their actions. But the road to such success is hard and is only possible with an efficient digital strategy. According to a Smart Insights study, 46% of brands don’t have a defined digital strategy, whereas 16% of those who do have it fail to use a strategy for their marketing activities. This is a big mistake because it limits business growth and the necessary innovations technological evolution imposes today. After all, in digital marketing, the emphasis is not on marketing, but on management skills that enable efficient coordination between multiple teams, project managers, and stakeholders. And of course, the bottom line is that you need to create a real impact on the market.

Set Your Goals & Automate

Create a detailed plan and set the goals as well as the essentials required to make it to the finish line. Right from the beginning, access your key performance indicators (KPI) to get realistic expectations and consider automating project processes via simple project management software.

The truth is that a project management system is practically a necessity nowadays. The software is packed with useful features you will need for enhancing collaboration and staying on schedule. With this system installed, you can  document all tasks, improve collaboration and track them from start to finish.

Find Your Audience

In order to design a meaningful digital marketing project, you need to truly discover your target audience. For that to happen, you must drill down to specifics such as consumer’s age, gender, and location. From there on, search for a deeper insight to pinpoint their desires by:

Identifying their common problems and the manner in which you can offer a solution.

Using Analytics Audience Report Help to recognize their key characteristics.

Documenting their common behavior patterns and aspirations.

Locating the audience that will be influenced by your marketing campaign and targeting them.


Set Limits on Budget

To avoid breaking the bank, define overall digital marketing budget limits. The best way to do so is by comparing the previous project expenses and affordable channels that brought the most leads. Use the project management software to measure the estimated work with real expenditure, so that you can make a solid budget draft. Decide if using paid promotion and ads is a worthwhile investment, and if so, allocate a portion of the budget for each effective digital channel. And what about new channels? You need to know their purpose in order to decide whether or not to invest.

Thus, only those reasonably priced digital channels with the largest reach and conversions are worth your time.     


Learn to Prioritize

What are the crucial talents a project manager brings to digital marketing?

Developing and assigning project tasks.

Leading and directing a team to make sure each team member stays on track.

Monitoring projects schedules and the budget.

Constructing project reports.

Accessing and evaluating the project success.

Assuring the quality of projects.

From the very beginning of the project, you should communicate the objectives to all the project stakeholders, team members, clients, sponsors, and managers. However, don’t lose focus and let the sense of urgency cloud your judgment. The more people are involved, the more opinions will be divided, so feel free to speak up governed by the knowledge of whom you are trying to reach. Therefore, learn to prioritize tasks within your project and split them into critical, important, and optional.   

Monitor Progress

As mentioned before, the project manager has to monitor the project and direct the team to assure tasks will be done according to schedule. Although you can easily follow the progress with a project management system, you should avoid micromanaging every single detail. The role of a great leader depends on the freedom you give the team to make their own decisions. Give them space and encourage their creativity by showing that you respect their opinions.

Ask for Feedback

Asking your coworkers and all of the parties involved in a digital marketing campaign for feedback is an excellent way to assess a project’s success. Don’t be afraid to hear negative comments because praise doesn’t open the door to growth. So, take criticism as a way to advance your management skills and increase the overall performance. At the end, it’s easy to make a few projects adjustments, but what will count the most is the strength and influence your digital marketing will have on the audience.   

Revise Your Plan  

If you thought your plan was set in stone, you thought wrong. Actually, everything working according to plan is quite a rare occasion, so be ready to revise your plan and make the changes necessary to reach the desired outcome.

On that note, here is a short recapitulation of some vital points and necessary steps for a bulletproof digital marketing plan:

Create a project timeline and share it with others.

Highlight the critical campaigns and assign a timeframe for each.

Document the digital channels and the budget necessary for each project.

Create a tracking and monitoring plan suitable for your KPIs.

Measure the success of the individual marketing strategy elements.  

Revise your previous budget and demographic analysis and see if you can make something new.


The most effective digital marketing campaigns are produced by effective and smart project managers. They know the secret to success lies in knowledge and creativity:

Knowledge about the target audience and their wishes.

Information on new technology that makes things easier.

The skills to motivate the workforce and properly delegate tasks.

The ability to take criticism and make it work in their favor.

Enough creativity to bring innovations.

That is all it takes to make a stunning digital marketing campaign and potential leads into loyal consumers.

Author Bio : David is a technical writer, his works are regularly published in various papers and top-notch portals. His rich experience in Project management domain helps him offer latest and fresh perspective on improved efficiency in work flows across organizations. His informative works on similar lines can be reached out onProProfs Project

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