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Most Useful Tools for Content Marketing

The difference between an average and a great content marketing campaign is often the choice of picking all the right tools. That’s right!

It’s unfortunate that even today, marketers fail to get their hands on the right kind of tools that can take most of the pain out of their content marketing efforts.

Let’s take a look at those tools:

HubSpot for Content Management

This is an all-encompassing tool for sales management, CRM, and inbound marketing. Essentially, it provides marketers with everything they need to have the kind of impactful content that can drive leads and generate sales.

After you’ve successfully signed up with Hubspot, you can start tracking the performance of your content marketing and sales strategies to see which one is most promising.

Slack for Team Collaboration

The idea behind Slack is to allow remote team members from all over the world to come together and work on creative content projects. They can share ideas, start discussions, and stay on top of the project progress.

The beauty of Slack is that it works seamlessly with GSuite and Dropbox; thus ensuring that the user never feels the need to leave the application to seek outside help.

Digital Analytics with Google Analytics

This is one of the most important tools when it comes to analyzing the website data and consolidating all the reports in one place. The tool can give you insight into how well the customers are engaging with different ads, which ones are performing the best, how the site content is holding up, etc.

It also tells managers which content strategy is working in favor of their site’s health so they can make tweaks and adjustments accordingly.

Email Marketing Tools with MailChimp

If you're serious about content marketing, you must also get serious about email marketing. Speaking of which, you can always do with a great tool with MailChimp. An automation platform, MailChimp allows you to schedule, create, and send emails to all your subscribers from one place. On the free package, you can send it to 2,000 email addresses.

Other than that, it comes with features like integration of multiple web services, automating product follow-up emails, syncing customer data, etc.

SalesForce for Content Relationship Management

Salesforce is an extensive Customer Relationship Management software that allows companies to keep all of their customer information in one place. The tool further allows you to track and integrate data by accessing it in real-time.

Based on the information collected, companies can form critical decisions and make sales-related forecasts to fine-tune their sales processes. Salesforce also works and integrates perfectly with other business solutions such as Zendesk, LeadExec, and


A big part of content creation is coming up with ideas. As ideas can come at any point through research, EverNote allows you to jot them down.

It’s an excellent way to brainstorm content topics and stay organized in terms of the future content to write. As all ideas are stored in one centralized place, the entire team can have access to it. Evernote is accessible from all devices including smartphones. You can also look up previously added images, text, image annotations, and a lot more.

HootSuite (Social Intelligence)

HootSuite is a social intelligence platform that allows you to create, store, organize and schedule hundreds of posts for publishing. The idea is to publish them automatically at their peak hours of engagement.

HootSuite integrates with over 35 different social media platforms. You can draft and schedule posts, view all your latest posts, and check the social media calendar all from within the application dashboard.


With content creation, it’s easy to soon run out of ideas. It can also be difficult to keep track of the latest and greatest trending posts. To know what type of content is hot right now you can use BuzzSumo. By inputting the right keywords, you can get great topic suggestions.

You can also see what type of content your competitors and other influencers are creating.

Buzzsumo also allows you to find influencers and reach out to them for creating campaigns.

You can also set alerts for whenever your competitors publish new content so you always stay apprised of their activities. What’s more, you can use the analytics feature to see how the competitors’ content is performing and compare it to your own.


Supplying your blog posts with quality images is an excellent trick to get more people to click and read them. But, it can be difficult to work with Photoshop as it’s time-consuming and expensive.

Enter Canva.

It's a free tool that comes with hundreds of built-in layouts and templates so it takes no time to create appealing imagery.

The drag and drop feature of Canva makes it a cakewalk to work with it. You can choose from countless appealing layouts.

Even if you don't use Canva for supplementing blog posts, you can always create something for your social media posts to gain more exposure.

Bottom Line

All of these tools can be a life-saver for anyone who takes their marketing efforts seriously and wish to keep excelling at them.

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