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Online Slots Regulations

The online casino industry has really boomed over the last decade or so, becoming an international entity that reaches the borders of many countries throughout the world. The only borders recognised by the online gambling and slots industry are those that have set regulations. For instance, countries that follow the Muslim faith don’t allow gambling to take place in any shape or form meaning that online casinos like Mega Reel can’t be accessed in these countries.

Global Gambling

General gambling laws vary depending on the nation. European countries are said to have the most liberal attitudes when it comes to gambling. UK citizens are allowed access to sports betting, lotteries, horse racing, slot gaming, and more. Then you get Asian countries where gambling is in its beginning stages still and regulations are still being laid down.

Online Casinos by Countries

It’s difficult to regulate online gambling due to the simple fact that the internet has no borders or territories. The only way that certain countries can enforce their laws involving gambling is by setting up regulations that are directed at site operators then enforce strict enforcement measures. This is a guide to the internet gaming laws for a couple of the most prominent nations.

United Kingdom – Along with the rest of Europe, the UK has liberal attitudes toward the act of gambling which means that most online casinos are and want to be part of this nation’s market. Until 2014, that was an easy task, however, in that year parliament enforced the legislation that prohibited unlicensed online gambling services. Before this, there were very few restrictions governing online gambling.

Canada – When it comes to online gambling in Canada, it’s a bit unclear because technically online gambling is illegal in this country, however, it is a matter of enforcement. Mostly, how it works is that internet casinos are permitted access to by Canadians as long as they don’t live in Canada. A loophole that is often used is if the casino resides on Indian land. According to Indian law, it is legal to gamble on Indian land.

United States – When it comes to gambling laws in the US, the regulations are murky. There is an act that prohibits banks and credit card companies from transacting business with online casinos. However, whether Americans are allowed to gamble or not was never made clear. The Federal Government has made gambling illegal, but US states are allowed to pass their own laws. This means that states such as Nevada and New Jersey allow gambling. There are other loopholes that gambling establishments have found including Indian reservations and offshore river sites that give Americans the opportunity to gamble without going through the state legislature.

As you can see, the world has diverse and sometimes opposing views on gambling which makes it difficult to have blanket gambling (online and offline) regulations. This includes regulations on casino games. Although they are created to be sources of entertainment, slots still fall under the act of gambling and therefore are permitted to be played depending on gambling regulations of a particular nation. Each nation has its own rules and regulations that are enforced via firewall technology and agreements with sit operators.

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