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Phishing IS #1 threat to your event & company - Here's what to do

There are just 4 Items for you in this email, including a FREE Phishing assessment from our guest, so just read the whole thing! And please SHARE an episode with that colleague you love seeing at trade shows! 1) This week - Yes, Phishing IS dangerous!

We've all received Phishing emails. Some are easy to spot, but the bad guys are getting more sophisticated and the emails are looking just like real ones. But is phishing really dangerous? If so, what can we do about it?

Cybersecurity expert and CIO consultant Brian Scott of ClearTone Consulting joins Trade Show University to talk all about Phishing.

We Discuss:

  • What is Phishing?

  • Is it really dangerous?

  • What can companies and associations do to protect themselves?

  • How can we train our staff to stop Phishing attacks

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BONUS - FREE Phishing Testing & Training Assessment from Brian Scott and ClearTone Consulting for listeners of Trade Show University! Click Here for Details! 2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #156 - Show Your Expertise!

  • Positioning yourself as an expert (or THE expert) in the industry can definitely lead to business. People lower their risk by associating with the best.

  • So have a giveaway that offers value and expertise.

  • Can be a giveaway at your booth or show with tips or case studies.

  • Or can offer a link to a white paper, webinar, or podcast episode (if the idea of a podcast sounds interesting - contact me)

3) Can't Recommend this new book Highly Enough!!

  • Real Talk by Bridgett McGowen provides no-nonsense, practical, ready-to-use advice and strategies that are based on the work of an award-winning international professional speaker who has more than 20 years of success on the mic.

  • Check Out the Real Talk edition 2 book here!

  • Listen to Bridgett's episode of Trade Show U where she shares tips to have your presentations SIZZLE - LISTEN HERE

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