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Prepping for a New Event World with Devin Cleary of Bizzabo

by Jim Cermak

As a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) or the head of marketing for your organization, you have to look at trade shows, conferences, and live events in a whole new way today thanks to the pandemic. The landscape has clearly changed everything! To help guide the way, I have brought on Devin Cleary, the VP of Global Events at Bizzabo.

Devin is a top-performing event producer and passionate marketing executive with over 16 years of experience leading the creation and active management of diverse experiential marketing programs for B2B, nonprofit and consumer markets. He holds a proven track record of strategizing and executing world-class in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

In this episode we discuss…

  • How can CMOs can prep for this new era of events?

  • How can event professionals and CMOs best collaborate during this time?

  • How will in-person sponsorships be a tougher sell than ever before?

  • How the event marketing landscape has changed over the last 5 to 10 years?

Devin’s top takeaways:

  • Well-designed hybrid events deliver personalized experiences

  • By adding virtual elements to in-person events, participants can consume content on their schedule, giving them more agency in their own event experience.

Connect with Devin Cleary of Bizzabo:



About the author, Jim Jim Cermak has over 25 years of marketing, consulting, and training experience, and has planned and worked hundreds of Trade Shows. He gets a little overly excited about Trade Shows, and puts that passion into helping companies get better results!

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