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Reasons Direct Mail Campaigns Are Trending in 2023

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Direct Mail is the oldest form of marketing there is, and it’s still a popular way to reach out to your customers in today’s digital landscape. Direct mail campaigns are definitely a trend in the United States.

It's because everyone is looking to see why they should use direct mail printing and mailing services over other print media or online advertisements.

If you're wondering if direct mail marketing is right for your business, read on to look at what direct mail marketing services are, how they work, and why they are becoming so popular amongst retailers today.

Direct mail campaigns are one of the most effective outbound marketing strategies as they can target small businesses, which means they have a better chance of getting noticed by consumers than larger brands.

A direct mail campaign is also easy to track and target for advertisers due to its physical nature. But there’s much more to it than this. Here’s a compilation of reasons why direct mail campaigns are being used widely in the USA.

1. Direct mail campaigns are the most effective outbound marketing strategy.

The reason for this is that direct mail campaigns have a higher return on investment than email and social media campaigns, and they're more targeted than other marketing strategies. These factors make them a great choice for small businesses looking to grow their business quickly.

2. Legacy direct mail brand names like USPS are experiencing a resurgence.

A classic example of this trend is the USPS brand. The United States Postal Service has had a long history of success in direct mail, and it continues to be the most trusted brand in direct mail.

In fact, many businesses still consider their mailing list as their main source of customers—and trust that they can rely on USPS to deliver their messages effectively and efficiently.

The reason for this enduring popularity? According to renowned marketing expert Seth Godin (the author of " Purple Cow"), "People are busy." They don't have time or energy left over after running from place to place every day just so they can buy something new at Target or Whole Foods.

Instead, they want something easy: something that will do the job without asking too much from them in terms of effort required or money spent; something simple enough so that all anyone needs is accessible online via a mobile device (or even just an internet connection).

3. Younger consumers are collecting mail and sending more cards.

Millennials and Generation Z have a significant impact on targeted marketing. They are reducing their time spent online. Many people are reminiscing about a simpler time before social media.

As you may have noticed, younger consumers are more likely to collect mail and send cards.

Millennials are also sending letters, postcards, direct mail, and even envelopes by snail mail.

In fact, millennials are the most enthusiastic about this form of communication with 75% saying they would prefer to receive an actual letter instead of an email or text message.

The trend continues into 2023 as more companies begin exploring direct mail as a way to reach out to their customers while they’re still on campus or at work. The benefits include:

● A personalized experience based on your interests

● An increase in trust between businesses and their customers

4. Direct mail campaigns are easy to track and target for advertisers.

Direct mail campaigns are easy to track and target for advertisers.

Direct mail campaigns are the most effective way to reach your audience since they can be tailored to each individual customer’s needs.

You can track who opens the mail and who doesn’t, which gives you insight into how people respond to your marketing efforts. The data is also useful when it comes time for follow-up marketing efforts such as Facebook ads or Google display ads because it will show whether or not those links have been clicked on by real people versus bots (robots).

5. Direct mail campaigns have a longer shelf life than digital alternatives.

Direct mail campaigns are more durable than digital marketing campaigns. They can be kept for years or even decades, while digital marketing is usually thrown away after a couple of months.

Direct mail campaigns have a longer shelf life than digital alternatives like emails and social media posts because they're printed and sent out by post rather than being stored on your computer or phone.

6. Targeting rural customers with direct mail is more effective than targeting them with digital ads due to poor internet connectivity.

If you're looking to grow your business, it's important to understand that rural customers are less likely than urban ones to have high-speed internet access. In fact, according to a 2018 study from the U.S.

The Census Bureau titled "Networks in Rural Areas," only 31 percent of rural Americans had broadband connections at home— compared with 84 percent in urban areas!

This means that many rural businesses don't have access to digital advertising like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads because their customers simply don't have the same level of connectivity as their suburban counterparts do;

this means they can't see ads on their phones or computers unless they visit your website directly or call customer service for help (which often isn't easy).

As such, direct mail campaigns are particularly effective at reaching out-of-market consumers who might be more likely than those living closer by but still need something extra just because they live on an island surrounded by water instead of land!

7. Human beings respond to visual advertising better than they respond to written advertising:

Direct mail, like hot baths and candlelit dinners, has become romanticized in American culture. Consider this. What do you do when you receive a handwritten letter from someone? You become excited. Someone has taken the time to write you a letter. It's not every day that you get something like this.

What are your next steps? I'm sure you took the time to read every word of that letter. But it isn't just you who enjoys receiving letters.

Furthermore, 41% of Americans look forward to receiving their mail every day.

Direct mail campaigns are more effective than ever. People respond to visual advertising better than they respond to written advertising, and this has been shown in multiple studies over the past few years.

People love colorful items that are personalized or unexpected. They also like physical objects, which is why direct mail campaigns are so popular today—you can send your customers something they actually want!

8. Direct mail isn't dead, it's just being used in new ways in 2023:

Direct mail isn't dead as it is said to be, it's just being used in new ways. The most obvious example of this is the use of direct mail printing and mailing services for small businesses

. In 2023, companies will be targeting their customers directly with promotional materials that have been designed specifically for them.

They'll also be using targeted messaging when it comes to reaching rural customers and younger consumers who may not have access to other forms of advertising on social media or apps like Instagram or Snapchat (which could be why they're more likely than older people).

Things to prioritize in your 2023 Direct Mail Strategy:

1. Improve Your Data to Find Your Audience Or Audiences:

Data has long reigned supreme in direct mail. Because of the explosion of data points collected by or available to marketers, using it wisely is an art as well as a science.

2. Use an Omnichannel Strategy to Trigger Touchpoints:

Today's customer journey is all about how different channels interact with one another. Touchpoints in direct mail and digital channels such as email and social media can trigger each other and result in the desired action.

Many consumers today expect your brand to be present across multiple channels.

A data-driven omnichannel strategy will assist you in determining where to place direct mail. A printed piece is tactile, allowing you to activate different touchpoints than you would in other channels. Consider using QR codes, personalized URLs (PURLS), promotional URLs, phone numbers, or prompts, for example, to schedule in-person visits. Related: How To Build Your Own Direct Mail Campaign

3. Provide Your Customers With Options And Solutions:

Perhaps "pivoting" has become one of those overused buzzwords by now, but it is a valuable skill to have.

Thinner or lighter paper, or your printer's house stock, may be less expensive—and more readily available.

Use fewer components to reduce envelope weight, or even replace them in your campaign by sending folded self-mailers or jumbo postcards instead.

Starting your campaign planning as early as possible will give you more certainty about securing paper as well as lower pricing. Rethinking your design by focusing on the relevance of what you've been working with may just result in the cost savings you're looking for.

Incorporating these and other ideas into your 2023 planning is about more than just meeting today's and tomorrow's challenges. One of the lessons we marketers learned from the pandemic was the importance of adapting quickly to new conditions.

You have the option of pausing where you are now or exploring other areas that may allow you to grow your business.

Direct marketing is a promotional strategy in which messages are delivered directly to consumers. This strategy eliminates the middleman. Instead of having an agency or publication


Translate your message, you're communicating one-on-one with your target audience. This method appears to work best for the majority of successful American business owners.

One point of contact, format optimization, brand consistency, increased data relevance, supply chain expertise, paper allocation consulting, cost-effective postal logistics, on-time delivery, and much more are all available from American Litho, the best direct mail marketing company in the USA. Let's get started right away!


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