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Stepping into trends of the tech HR world

New trends in the HR world emerge all the time. However, not many people have heard about HR tech and its benefits to the business. What exactly is HR technology? It’s an umbrella term used by managers and HR experts that includes digital tools that improve candidate and employee experience.

Doesn’t HR already do that? Definitely! But it’s time to take one step further and include technology and digitalization into the process. So, what will these new HR trends bring to the table? If you’d like to know more, check out these 5 novelties that will transform the HR industry!

1. AI in recruiting

The hiring process can be long and difficult, especially if you're trying to hunt top talents. Managers and recruiters need to constantly monitor employees and potential hires, which takes a lot of time and energy. This leaves them little time to truly pay attention to employees and their needs. Why wouldn’t technology help you there?

AI can help managers use their time better to create strategies and thorough business plans. What is the role of AI in that process? Artificial intelligence such as chatbots and screening tools can help you minimize the time spent going through applications which leads to the evolution of the hiring process. Technology narrows down candidates to the top 5 or 6, which makes the entire process easier and worth it!

2. Transforms the performance management

You certainly know how important it is to monitor performance in companies. Performance management can help managers decide who deserved a bonus, raise, or even pay cut! However, managers and HR usually don’t have enough time to continuously monitor employees and their performance. That’s where technology steps in!

New tools which are measuring performance, testing candidates and employees as well as providing them with feedback are a fantastic solution to this problem. Even though nobody likes to be monitored at all times, this will improve employee efficiency, as well as minimize the distractions during work.

3. Digitalized mental health care

Did you know that the HR team is in charge of the mental health of the employees? Pressure, burnout, personal problems, work relations can all be problems employees face from time to time. It's up to HR experts and psychologists to spot the warning signs of mental health issues and take action!

Sadly, psychologists may not be available at all times. In times when mental health is extremely important and valued, this can cause problems. So, consider introducing mental health care apps, such as those that teach breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and different kinds of emotion management as first aid before the psychologist becomes available.

4. Virtual communication and engagement

We can agree that virtual communication is not new. For the last 15 years, people have used the internet to get in touch with one another. But is that enough for a business environment? Since emails are quite formal, boring, and distracting, managers need to come up with new ways of communicating with employees.

Surely social media come to mind, but are they indeed safe for confidential business information? Instead of risking it, consider using platforms and apps that increase employee engagement and improve employee communication within and between teams. Such tools can help you digitalize the workplace organization and make communication easier no matter where you are!

5. Digital learning and career development

Who says that learning stops once you finish school or college? It's a lifelong journey that allows individuals to develop their careers and continuously engage their minds. Whether you work remotely or from the office, technology allows everyone to keep up and stay up to date.

Numerous courses, apps, and learning tools are available online, which makes the process of education easier both for the trainer and trainees. Besides that, those tools can help you learn something completely new, such as how you can transition your career into the tech industry.

Final thoughts

HR trends will change over time. However, with each transformation, we’re closer and closer to the complete digitalization of the process, which will make things easier for candidates and recruiters. Don’t be afraid of the change, embrace it and step into the HR tech world!

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