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Strategies for ATTENDEES! Don't miss this!

Is there a way certain Attendees of Trade Shows, Conferences, and Expos can get better results and ROI than others? YES!! And even if you are an exhibitor, at some point you may leave your booth and walk the show - you just became an ATTENDEE!! Hear this special replay of the interview with me as I join M. Kevin Davis on the Quick Lube Expert podcast! We discuss tips, tricks, and strategies to get the most out of every single show you attend!

******************************************** Quote to Ponder

"The world is run by those who Show Up!" - Robert Johnson

Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #123

Don't Bash Your Competition

When talking with attendees - if they mention the products or services of one of your competitors, never talk down about their company or products. Instead, compliment them!

Say something like, “They have a nice product, but let me tell you how we are different and better.” Focus on YOUR positives rather than their negatives.

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