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The Cross Functional Roles Used to Produce & Deliver Webinars

Demand generation webinars are typically managed as a marketing project, but it takes a village of cross-functional team members to pull them off. It is important that the entire webinar team, including key stakeholders, have input when defining the webinar goals and executing the strategy.

The WebinarReady™ Roadmap

Webinar Logistics Producer/Project Manager: Manages and executes the work plan, schedules and runs meetings, coordinates ensemble and deliverables and makes sure no balls are dropped.  This role sets up GoToWebinar®, including 3rd party marketing and sales automation platforms. 

Also this person presents final set of performance analytics for lead nurturing and sales follow-up.

Webinar Content Producer: Facilitates message shaping, coaching of speakers and development of content and manages GoToWebinar® platform.  May also act as On-Air Moderator for event.

Webinar Creative Director: Creates the invitations and branding for the registration landing page and PowerPoint slides and manages video editing.

Audience Recruitment Analyst: Prepares audience recruitment, executes invitation strategy and collects daily tracking metrics to maximize registration.

Moderator: Hosts the webinar, welcomes audience, introduces speaker(s), handles Q&A, knows what to do and can “take the wheel” in case there’s a fire drill.

Speaker: Delivers engaging webinar content, answers questions and interacts with audience.

Audience: Attends the webinar.

For more information, check out my free eBook, WebinarReady.

Here’s to your webinar success!


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