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The Environment and Your Business

With a global outcry against the destruction of the environment, many are turning to greener methods for running their businesses. Not only is it simple to do, but it also means having a cleaner, healthier, and cheaper workplace for both you and your employees.

1. Office Supplies

This is one of the simplest ways to start, and can be done with very little capital investment. Buying disposable pens, or by trying to shy away from all disposable office supplies, you can do your part in helping the environment recover.

Also, consider selecting someone-another personnel member or office manager-to supervise the stationary cupboard and maintain track of what’s being used Be transparent by explaining to your team that it's not about taking everyone back to their school days, but about 'greening' the workplace. Eventually, they will learn the need to take control of their carbon footprint and impact.

2. Postage

There is no doubt that we have joined the digital era. Yet paper use is inevitable in your company-especially if you send out both emails and direct mail requiring envelopes.

Make the simple transfer to environmentally friendly envelopes and reusable envelopes. You save on operating costs, decrease the need for warehousing and decrease waste: and both you and your clients can appreciate the advantages.

3. Web Hosting

With green hosting, you can guarantee that some of the energy needed for your business originates from a source of renewable energy, especially when it comes to running a server. This is known commonly as green hosting.

Besides being environmentally friendly, green web hosting is also inexpensive, which is why many industries may turn to it in the future, from popular social media hubs to online blackjack Canada sites. This automatically passes the savings on to its consumers, making it a more affordable and environmentally responsible option for new businesses over more traditional methods.

4. Furniture

There are billions of pieces of unused furniture in the US alone, and part of this is the ‘throwaway’ attitude that has become the norm in the industrial world.

For instance, there are many types of fabrics and chemicals in a typical desk chair. Since most furniture and machinery are also produced from timber, metal and plastic and have a lengthy service life, it is possible to repurpose the products efficiently. These materials are also considered scarce resources, and the first option should be to recycle or repurpose them if they are not properly disposed of.

5. Computers/Accessories

There are a few methods you can use to recycle the ancient PCs and equipment for your business. First, when you purchase a new laptop, ask your seller if it’s possible to bring in the old one. Many computer resellers and suppliers, such as Dell or HP have recycling programs to deal with old hardware, so the odds are, they’ll be happy to take yours.

It can also pay to check with local office supply stores to see what they offer in terms of recycling or donation programs. Not only is this a good way of doing your part for the environment, but it’s also sometimes possible to


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