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The Future of Global Advertising

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Advertising is changing around the world, and is set to undergo even more growth in the future. Learn how modern advertising is expected to evolve.

Advertising is by no means a new invention, and has, in fact, been part of civilisation for thousands of years in one form or another. But this is the first time in history that we’ve seen advertising turned into an entire industry of its own, and as technology continues to evolve and advance, other industries, such as advertising, will need to learn and adapt along with it.

Industry experts believe that advertising in the future is going to be influenced by a number of factors, including artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and 3D.

These combined will be able to create new environments and platforms for advertising firms to market products and services in a more efficient manner, and on a much larger scale.

The Human Needs

Advertising has already undergone a number of changes in recent years to accommodate a growing crowd, which also happens to be the same crowd that tends to have its attention pulled away far more easily. One way of circumventing short attention spans is by targeting basic human chemistry.

Oxytocin is the chemical released by the brain when someone views or thinks about something or someone they love, and studies have shown that three out of eight people love certain brands more than their own spouses. This provides an insight into the nature of swaying a large number of people in a certain way, and it’s done by simply activating certain chemicals within the body.

Making People Happy

With that in mind, one of the ways future advertising will be performed is by altering a person’s chemistry on a physical level. To do this, more advertising firms are turning to the digital, and to creating large banks of data about their current customers and for new ones.

This means installing advanced artificial intelligence systems that watch what people do and see on social media and other online platforms. The data is then sent back to the main database where it is sorted through and a selection of adverts will be sent to that specific individual.

While companies like Google and Facebook already have the kinds of systems in place online, the belief is that they will be much more subtle and advanced, allowing the advertiser to create a more personalised advertising environment for the user, rather than the unrefined system that is in place today.

Virtual Reality

Arguably the industry that will affect advertising the most is virtual reality. It may used be for video gaming, products, or even betting sites, all of which will be designed for use in a virtual reality setting.

According to Jennifer Breithaupt, Global Consumer CMO, VR and AI are becoming more prominent in both the advertising and marketing worlds, with both being used to provide a more personal and streamlined experience catered to what the user may be interested in.

As the technology continues to mature, we’ll start to see a larger percentage of online users receive ads specifically for what they’re interested in.



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