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The Power of A.I. for Content Creators: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Work


This article was not written by A.I. But that doesn't mean A.I. can't help content creators. A.I. is being used to boost productivity in many industries and is unsurprisingly already proving itself to be a disruptive force for many.

But when it comes to content creation, A.I. isn't here to become a replacement for living, breathing creators. Instead, it can improve your work in various ways -- and for several different types of content. When used right, it can be a powerful advantage for building your audience and enhancing your content.

1. Improve idea generation.

Idea generation (and evaluation) is often one of the hardest parts of the creative process. This is especially true for creators whose audiences expect them to produce regular weekly content. It can be hard to consistently develop new blog posts or Instagram content ideas.

A.I. can greatly streamline the ideation process. Based on input prompts, A.I. can easily provide lists of content ideas tailored to your niche, your audience's interests, and other factors.

Depending on what you need, A.I. can provide a simple list of ideas or more in-depth assistance, such as an outline or rough draft on a desired topic. It can even help provide background research, all with just a few minutes of entering prompts.

These support services can help you get usable ideas and content to market that much faster simply by giving you the ideas and inspiration to begin crafting your next piece of content. For many creators, A.I. is the ideal starting point, especially when using personalized prompts that account for the creator's audience or preferred topics.

2. Upgrade (and fine-tune) your content.

An idea is a start -- but then the real work comes in. An Instagram influencer can spend several hours tweaking a video or photo to ensure everything is right. Manual editing software can be a lot of work, but A.I. can make it much easier to upgrade your content.

For example, a survey of 1,000 content creators by Lightricks found that the most common use cases for A.I. were photo backgrounds, used by 53 percent of creators, and video backgrounds, used by 47 percent of them.

A.I. isn't taking over the content creation process in these use cases. Instead, it is being used to supplement the rest of the work already performed by a creator -- taking on a relatively minor task that completes the look of a finished image or video. A high-quality background could make a creator's content more appealing to their audience, helping them grow their following even more.

Writers can also use similar services to proofread and identify grammar or spelling mistakes to make their content clean and professional.

Perhaps best of all, A.I. allows these tasks to be completed in minutes (or even seconds), rather than requiring additional hours of busy work. Content can be prepared for publication much sooner, freeing up more time for other tasks to help build a creator's brand.

3. Enhance accessibility.

Some of the most widely used applications for A.I. in content creation focus on enhancing accessibility. For example, A.I. is popularly used to generate video and audio content captions. Alternatively, it can be used to create audio versions of image or text content. In these instances, A.I. can help a creator's content become more readily accessible to individuals who are deaf or blind.

Some A.I. tools have even more specific accessibility use cases. Simplifying text through A.I. can make it more accessible to a broader range of readers, including individuals with cognitive disabilities. A.I. language translation can translate a creator's content to secondary languages.

Each of these accessibility applications accomplishes tasks that the average creator probably couldn't manage independently. Rather than spending a lot of time or money to attempt this type of work, A.I. enables time and cost-efficient results that can help creators vastly expand their potential audience.

These examples just scratch the surface of how content creators are using A.I. By incorporating A.I. into your creative process, you can deliver better content at a faster rate than ever before. By using A.I. effectively, you can build a powerful personal brand and grow your audience.

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