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This will change how You see Trade Shows!

1) This week - 12 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are The Best Marketing Tools Trade Shows are the most effective, most efficient, and even the most Fun marketing tools available. Period! If you are not convinced, then please reach out to me! Here are my 12 reasons which I discuss in this episode... 1. Connect with & qualify more of your target audience quickly 2. Talk to the same Buyers and Decision Makers as the Big Guys 3. Get into deep meaningful conversations 4. Effectively share your story 5. Do up-close competitive research 6. Find prospective new vendors and suppliers And tune in to hear reasons 7-12! And by the end, I hope I have your head shaking YES YES YES! Then don’t miss out and leave money on the table. I help companies maximize their opportunities and ROI at shows by giving a fresh expert perspective. Because you don’t know what you don’t know! Reply and let's talk about YOUR next show!

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2) Secret Giveaway!! To help me celebrate Episode #200, I want to give away a few prizes to 3 fans! To be entered, REPLY to this email and give me one of the 12 reasons from the episode you never considered before! That's it! I'm going to pick the first person to reply and two other winners at random. What are the prizes?? Enter and find out! :)

3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #177 - Be Early!

Being early creates opportunities! You can walk the show floor while it's empty and make notes for who you would like to come back to visit later - helps you be super-efficient. Also can give you some one-on-one time talking with other exhibitors, or give you time to problem-solve any issues at your booth before the show starts!

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