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Top SEO Trends For 2023

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

SEO is a complex science, but one which marketers have to master as it ensures their success in the online marketing field. It does not matter which niche one specializes in, be it marketing online magazines, marketing online startups, marketing online casinos providing games such as roulette online, or any other field, but one thing is for sure - marketers have to be aware of all the top SEO trends.

The top SEO trends are as follows.

Increased Personalized SERP Metrics

Personalized search results are the way to go. When you manage to create a personalized listing on a search engine be it Google or Bing or any other search engine, every user that selects your listing will have your site as the default top-ranking search page whenever they are searching for something along the same subject or when they are using the same keyword/s. as such, this is crucial to all marketers who want their pages to be among the results on the first page. To create a personalized search result, you have to factor in all the traditional ranking factors and also factor in things such as interests, search history, and location.

Unlinked Mentions for Ranking

For a long, backlinks were used for trust and authoritative purposes by search engines. The number of times that sites received backlinks was used as a measure of determining how authoritative they were in their field. However, in 2018, there has been a slight shift which is likely to increase in the coming years. Search engines are now no longer focusing solely on backlinks to determine the authoritativeness of sites but they now include unlinked mentions for ranking. This means a mere mention of one’s site on another site may prove vital in how it’s viewed by search engines. More mentions generally speaking mean a higher ranking.

Voice Search is the Way to Go

Google states that the number of people who use type search is drastically falling while the number of people who use voice search is rapidly increasing. This, therefore, means that the new normal is voice search and marketers have to focus more on voice search. In order to come up with effective SEO for voice search, marketers have to know the common questions voice searchers ask on most occasions. There are many sites that help in this regard such as Rank Tracker which releases the common questions asked by voice searchers when searching for different things.

Mobile is Not Slowing Down

The increasing popularity of voice search also translates to the increase in mobile use as most people who use voice search do so using their mobile devices. As such, marketers need to be very much knowledgeable on best mobile SEO practices if they want to leverage both voice search and mobile use. In order to do this, marketers, first of all, need to ensure that their sites are mobile-friendly. There are different sites such as Website Auditor that can help in this regard i.e. checking the mobile-friendliness of a addition, other things to consider include mobile responsiveness and page size.

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