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Top Six MoneyMaking Apps You Need to Download Now

Did you know that almost 40% of workers in the United States are a part of the gig economy where money-making apps are the bread and butter of countless individuals?

These recent applications have helped break down the barriers to moving the better talent pool into the corporate shark tank. Today, anyone with sufficient skills can apply for a gig and earn up to a six-figure amount every month based on their skills and talents alone.

Thanks to the pandemic over the last 18 months, the making-making apps have helped hundreds of people to pay off their debts, generate passive income, start new hobbies, purchase groceries and do everything else that they needed a little extra cash for!

Technically, the best money-making apps are the ones that offer quick payments and simple steps that do not bog you down.

How Can You Make Money On An App?

Apparently, there are countless ways that you can make money on applications. From playing games for cash to writing reviews, the possibilities are endless in the digital age. Since the average consumer spends almost 5 hours on their phone, there is no harm in making some money off it, right!

After all, it is the age of working smart and not hard!

Some apps help you save money through BOGOF and cashback discount codes. You can use personal finance apps to engage in automated routes of passive income and investment too. And then, there is the classic iPhone app that helps you make money by doing simple tasks too.

Here is a mix and match of apps that help you make money instead of just offering a fake promise! Are you ready to make some cash?


When it comes to saving and spending, we often forget the spare change in our wallets. But now, you can use it for micro-investments that build up in no time! Acorns offer an affordable investment platform that starts from a single dollar per month.

It takes a few minutes to set up your account, and then you can invest in multiple bonds and stocks with as little as a dollar. The low initial investment will help you diversify your portfolio and start building wealth in real-time.

Exchange-traded funds, stocks for the top companies, and even asset classes can be availed via this app. It is a safe and secure app that offers 256-bit encryption to keep your mind at peace.

You can utilize the Acorns Later feature to build automated investments for your retirement funds or even opt for the Advisory to consult their in-house team of qualified advisors.

M1 Finance

For all the smart investors out there, M1 Finance is a quick route to building wealth! Packed with powerful tools to help you manage your spending and saving, the app helps you control your borrowing too! Supporting your financial portfolio to providing automated instruments, you get all under one name!

From an upfront investment of $10,000, you can start a credit line that offers interest rates as low as 2 percent! You can quickly start making 1 percent on every dollar you spend via the M1 Finance app.


If surveys are your thing, then Swagbucks is your game! This app helps you make a quick buck by shopping online and watching a few videos. It is a safe app just like airg scam free apps.

There are polls, games, videos, and shopping options that can be utilized to redeem your rewards in the form of gift cards and merchandise, or even cash!

So when you need to give gifts this holiday season, all you gotta do is sign up on Swagbucks and start making money for gift cards. Let your loved ones shop for themselves while you pay for it with just a few minutes of your precious time.

A few ways you can use Swagbucks includes:

· Watch Quick Videos

· Shop Online On Retail Stores like Starbucks, Target, Walmart, Amazon.

· Answer Surveys

· Use The Yahoo Search Engine

· Play Games And Make In-App Purchases.

This exciting app is available in the US, India, France, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Just register via email and start earning!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is exactly what it is called! An app that gives you monetary rewards for filling online surveys. The app uses surveys to influence brands and help them understand their target audience a lot better.

You make a profile filling out your fields of interest and background, and then the app suggests surveys that revolve around you as the target audience. You get to earn virtual points that can be redeemed via cash transfers and gift cards.

You can get extensive gift cards for any possible brand like Sephora, iTunes, Target, and everything else you can possibly think of at your fingertips! A quick assessment can tell you how many minutes you need to earn a specific number of points for your next Amazon binge!

The easy-to-use dashboard and inclusive interface make it more compelling than other apps from the same category.


While we have already raved a lot about cashback, then how could we ignore the name of Rakuten! Previously titled Ebates, this app offers the best bang for every buck! The inviting incentives span across sign-ups and referrals too.

When you spend money via Rakuten, you get a little cash back on almost every purchase. Your favorite retailers like Best Buy and Target allow Rakuten users to enjoy cashback online and in-store shopping by following a few simple steps.

If your card is linked and your app has enabled in-store purchases, then each impulsive Target session after the pandemic would seem a lot sweeter, and you can easily collect as many mugs, planters and throw blankets as you like! And that too, without the guilt!

Starting from a $10 welcome on spending your first $25, you can get $20 more if you encourage your friends and family to spend $20 on the app! You can easily receive cash via PayPal quarterly and keep winning at the shopping game!


Upwork is the king of gig economy apps. It is a simple yet efficient platform that helps freelancers grow and establish themselves. The app's streamlined communication, payment, and project management make it ideal for everyone who wishes to make some more for the rainy days or perhaps achieve a goal.

Setting up your profile hardly takes a few minutes. Once you are approved, you get the chance to attract countless clients from across the globe within your skillset. There are no limits on the income or on the possibilities.

And when you think of payment protection, then 5 to 20 percent fees per gig does not seem that big of an issue.

The truth is that Upwork is the ideal choice of freelance platforms due to its friendly interface and excellent communication. From writing articles to creating social media posts, you can truly offer any of your digital services!

Final Thoughts

Earn smartly today so that you can enjoy life for what it is!

Making money could not have been easier than this! Start with these apps today and achieve all of your financial goals before your estimated timeline.

Author Bio

Audrey Throne has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.

Audrey Throne

Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne

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