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Top Three Advertising Types

Advertising can be defined as sponsored communication promoting an idea, product, or service.

Thomas J. Barratt is thought of as the father of modern advertising thanks to his work with the Pears Soap Company which he commenced with in the late 1800s. He came up with an incredibly effective campaign for their products which involved images, phrases, and slogans. It’s possibly the first time a catchphrase was introduced and his Good Morning, Have You Used Pears Soap Today? is still widely recognised.

Since then, advertising has grown exponentially and there are now many different types. Find the best one for your burgeoning business.

Online Advertising

Also referred to as digital advertising, this type is conveyed via the internet and is a huge source of revenue for businesses these days. They’ve exploded in popularity over the last decade, surpassing expectations and then some. To give you an idea, over 70% of Google’s revenue is generated by these ads and Facebook takes this total even higher, reporting 98.5% of its income as a result of online advertisements!

The main reason for this group’s incredible efficacy is that media can be targeted very specifically. You can create promotional material for people of a particular age, in a distinct location, at a precise time. The odds are in its favour as it’s also one of the cheapest ways to get your business’ name and whatever you’re selling into the public consciousness.

Think about it. Every time you watch something on YouTube, check in on your Facebook account, or search for something on Google, you’re seeing advertisements for almost everything. The only thing that rivals it in terms of public attention is possibly the fabulous real money pokies NZ has to offer!

SMS Advertising

Marketing via short message service is the top choice when it comes to mobile advertising, wherein you’re limited to 160 characters or less to get your message across. It was the top choice for many before smartphones got such widespread access to the online world and though its use has diminished slightly in the years since then, it’s still an option and remains as effective as it ever was. Experts predict that mobile campaigns will remain a top strategy for many years to come.

SMS’ can also be personalised to a marked degree and the overheads here are low too. The main difference between this type and online ads is that these are only sent to mobile devices and can’t be viewed on desktops and such.

TV Adverts

Up until the arrival of the internet, television was business owners’ go-to in terms of raising awareness about their services. It’s still in use today, albeit less so, and is a powerful tool in the right hands.

Infomercials work excellently in this medium, especially when you’ve got a very specific offer to make, product to sell, or service to render. From food to clothing to gadgets, everything can be advertised in this way. You can choose to get your message across in a dramatic way, with humour, or appeal to people’s emotional side and generate a huge response, particularly when you want to reach your demographic quickly and en masse.

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