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Top Tip - Building Communities after your Events

One question many exhibitors and show organizers have do I effectively execute a Hybrid event? And some of you may be wondering if Hybrid events are even for you. To help answer this question, I have on Mia Masson, the Content Director at Swapcard, an all-in-one virtual & hybrid event, and community platform. Mia lives in Paris and has years of experience creating content and building communities.

We discuss...

  • What's the buzz about hybrid events? Should everyone be jumping on the bandwagon?

  • What's the benefit of embracing a 365-day community model instead of just sticking to the old model of once-a-year meetups and events?

  • Is technology in events a nice-to-have or is it becoming indispensable?

  • Tips for sponsors/exhibitors/sellers to boost their sales at online events and in online communities

And hear firsthand why Mia says... Extending the lifecycle of your event until it turns into a year-round community is the future of events. A powerful Episode you don't want to miss!

******************************************** Quote to Ponder

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

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Have High-Quality Audio & Video

Nothing can turn off a virtual or hybrid event attendee than not being able to clearly hear or see your speakers or presentation. Make sure everyone has quality microphones and cameras, and test ahead of time to ensure high quality.

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