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Top Tips To Improve Your Company Marketing

When you are a business owner, it can be tough to get your company name and brand out in the public and known about. With competition fierce in some industries, it can be quite a struggle to make the desired impact. Technology has changed dramatically over the last decade and this is a crucial point that businesses need to take note of. Previous conventional marketing methods may not be as effective as they once were and we need to move with the times. Below are some tips for improving your company brand and marketing techniques.

Digital Signage

With the change in technology, billboards and posters are becoming redundant and these are being placed with digital signs. You can see examples of this almost anywhere and includes, bus stops, on the stairways of the underground, attached to buildings and on major roads. The reach that a lot of these get is significant and is something that a lot of companies are now realising the potential of.

An example of a company that can offer you this type of modern signage is Cenareo digital signage solutions who are the experts in this business. The whereabouts of location these signs are placed is clearly a big deciding factor in terms of the number of people it will reach out to and make an impact. The creatives and graphics can be as innovative as you want, and some people even choose to run videos on them. The good thing about this method is, as opposed to posters that need to be printed and placed up, clearly this is not required. If there are changes that are required to your advertising campaign, then it is easy to do. In addition, there is something about this marketing method that really oozes professionalism of your company as opposed to other techniques.

Logo Design

When you think of companies like Amazon, Coco-Cola or Tesco, although they spend millions on marketing, their actual logo is memorable, and most people can remember it at ease. This is exactly what a company is trying to achieve. Not all companies have a logo and just advertise their company name. Creating a logo should be considered in order to potentially improve the potential engagement of clients. This should not be overwhelming as sometimes simplicity is more. When you have completed this, it is also important to think about protecting the logo so someone else cannot steal it.

TV Advertising

TV advertising has become a little less popular nowadays. This is mainly down to the fact that the potential reach has declined due to people using Sky Plus to fast forward adverts and the number of channels is constantly on the rise. This doesn’t mean that this sort of marketing technique should be ignored. In fact, it brings an opportunity as the prices are not as high as they used to be. If you do go down this route, you do are not required to spend millions on productions, and you should reflect about the current adverts on TV to see what ones you remember and has the most impact. Going down this route, you can then target what channels you would like the TV advert to appear on but also what timings. During peak times, clearly, the placement of the advert is a lot more expensive.


Depending on what your budget is, there are some simple things you can do, or there are some more advanced things to consider (like TV advertisements). Whatever your budget is, think it through and spend it wisely.

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