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Training done Right can DOUBLE your Leads - Here's How!

by Jim Cermak

Do you realize that as many as 95% of all exhibitors do not properly train their booth staff? Yes - 95%!! What this means is that when done RIGHT, training can make leads flow into your booth because your team knows how to get them! So let's learn how! 1) This week - Training done RIGHT!

Little known fact...I am a professional Master Trainer and have trained thousands of people in both working Trade Shows, and my other passion - interacting with people with disabilities, and how to get them secured in vehicles! Another little-known fact - you're probably training your booth staff wrong! Hard to hear, but true. In this episode, I dive deep into training the right way with my exclusive EQF Framework:

  • E = ENGAGE - Train your staff HOW to engage with attendees in a meaningful way

  • Q = QUALIFY - Right after they engage, you have to QUALIFY the attendee to see if you even want to talk with them. If they don't qualify, let them go!!

  • F = FLOW - After you have engaged and qualified, immediately get them into your booth flow or attendee journey.

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2) I Can Train Your Staff!! Really!! I have successfully trained booth staff for decades and taught them how to properly and quickly engage and qualify attendees so you are spending time talking with the Right people! I have seen companies Double their leads and even more. Click this link to learn more and schedule your free 15-minute Discovery Call! 3) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #187 - Start Planning NOW! As soon as you select your show, start planning! Now is a very good time to begin. Don't put it off until later. Even if you just get a few details done now, that's less stress and less you have to do later. One good thing to do NOW? Order your display pieces or give away items that have longer lead times!

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