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Uncovering Cloud Options for Your Organization

by NICE Staff Writer

Since 2006, cloud computing has expanded and advanced in incredible ways. While cloud computing is a staple in numerous organizations, less than half of contact centers have any form of investment in cloud technology. But, we see the rate of cloud adoption in contact centers rising every year now.

Is your contact center ready to make the leap to cloud computing? Here are a few considerations to make as you prepare for the transition.

What options do I have for the cloud?

Like most technology, there’s a wide landscape in cloud computing. But a few stand out as ideal pathways. To navigate all the options, there are several key paths contact centers can take to bring cloud contact center computing to life. One direction to take focuses on moving from your enterprise boundary to a hosting provider that can take on the overheads of IT maintenance and upgrades. This third party will dedicate servers for your organization to anchor your cloud contact center.

Another option, thanks to the evolution of this technology, is SaaS (software as a service) or cloud-native. With this option, the vendor is able to host multi-tenant instance supporting multiple customers. Organizations can also choose a hybrid method of cloud and on-premise options. While these two cloud options are by far the standouts as companies turn to the cloud, thanks to its many features and capabilities, cloud-native is the fan favorite.

Which cloud option is best for my needs?

To decide what’s right for your contact center, it can help to consider the ROI. The most sought-after cloud option today is cloud-native. This technology leverages economies of scale and scope to provide instant upgrades and reduced maintenance costs.

In a cloud native model, contact centers can innovate and integrate effortlessly. In fact, contact centers gain 17% improvement in customer lifetime value (CLTV), 3X more than hybrid cloud; 10% improvement in first call resolution (FCR), 4X more than private cloud; and 14% improvement in interactive voice response (IVR) completion rate, 9X more than hosted according to Aberdeen research.

In addition to these benefits, cloud-native offers the opportunity to easily build innovative apps on an open cloud-native platform. Not every contact center is the same, choose the one that best matches your needs — maybe a hybrid. It has been an excellent investment for so many contact centers and may be ideal for your center as well.

How can I make the most of cloud computing?

Success with cloud lies in leveraging its many capabilities. There’s plenty of potential! We’ve seen phenomenal results as companies bring in customer data to leverage analytics with the cloud. This timely and accurate data generates fantastic visibility into contact center performance — and builds a bridge to greater organizational efficiency. As you test and understand cloud capabilities, you can take advantage of this technology to get true financial results.

Ready to make your move to the cloud? Learn about the right cloud model for your contact center. Discover what the cloud-native model would look like in your organization and learn optimization strategies from the experts.

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