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What Advantages Does a Sponsorship Bring?

A company, through a sponsor, hopes to be able to meet the following objectives and advantages:

  • An immediate linking effect is achieved: forging a certain image is a process that can be very long. However, if people see their admired character praising the qualities of the product and recommending its consumption, the link is immediate and occurs just at the moment of receiving the communicative impact.

  • High impact on the population: the great growth of the media, especially the Internet, has made it possible for any message that you want to get across to be sent to many people and places at the same time. In addition, the increase in the use of social networks and new mobile applications encourage the exchange of information and the ability to check the news that appears on the market at any time.

What risks does a sponsorship entail?

In the same way, sponsorship also entails a series of risks or possible problems to face:

  • The image of the company depends on the behavior of a person who is foreign to it: at a certain moment, the way of operating of that person with whom the company's image has been linked may be exemplary. However, many cases of famous people who have had inappropriate attitudes are well known. If that happens, at the same time, the very image of the company, linked to it, is affected. Therefore, betting on sponsorship leaves the image that the company ends up transmitting to its target audience in the hands of third parties.

  • The same person can arouse different opinions: each person has their likes and phobias regarding other people. This behavior is exacerbated in the case of well-known characters, who are the subject of intense debates between people who, even having the same opinion on a certain subject, see that person in different ways. In other words, through sponsorship, people who do share the values ​​that the company wants to transmit may feel that the company does not have them and do not end up becoming consumers. However, in the same way, the opposite can happen: people who do not sympathize with the values ​​that are being conveyed, due to their sympathy for the character, team, or organization, do come to try the product.

  • The more recognized the character, group, or team, the greater the investment: you must be very careful before making an investment in sponsorship, and not only for the reasons stated above. You also have to look at the numbers. That is if the increase in benefits from the recognition that is expected will be greater than the price that is being paid. As is logical, the more recognized the character or group, the greater the investment.

  • Only a small group of companies can afford it: large sponsorships to the most recognized groups or individuals represent a high cost for any company that only a few can afford. They are large companies that have the ability to advertise massively in all media on a very regular basis.

What is the best way to create a brand image?

The best way to ensure a certain brand image that is strong and lasting over time is to forget the objective of wanting to do it immediately. Every great challenge always takes time, and this goal is. To prevent the image of the company from depending on the actions of third parties and to be able to control and develop it correctly, it is best to follow the following steps:

  • Specify exactly the values ​​and mission: it is necessary to specify clearly and bluntly according to what parameters the company wants to be recognized and make it known. Without this starting point, no campaign or organization can be started. A good place to show it is on the network page or on the same social network.

  • Offer a product or service in accordance with the preferences shown by the target audience: in the end, what the consumer is looking for is the service or product that satisfies them. Therefore, it must contain the specific attributes you are looking for, no more and no less. Not by adding "extras" to a certain product will it be more recognized. On the contrary, they can provoke rejection.

  • Show involvement in certain issues that concern a majority and the target audience in a special way: acts or events can be organized in which the company shows its concern towards those people who are experiencing more difficulties or on issues that are current or shared by others. a majority, like everything related to the environment or similar.

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