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What are the Digital Currency Cold Wallets?

Before answering this question, we need to know what a digital currency cold wallet is. Digital currency cold wallets are also called offline wallets, which are wallets that are not connected to the Internet. In layman's terms, digital currency cold wallets are actually hardware wallets. After understanding the digital currency cold wallet, what are the digital currency cold wallets?

1.Ledger wallet

Ledger wallets are generally easy to use and high insecurity, and belong to hardware wallets.

Bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger is one of the leading companies in the field of digital currency security technology, which can provide consumers and enterprises with reliable hardware. Ledger is a smart card-based Bitcoin hardware wallet that provides the highest level of protection with leading technology and is both usable and controllable. Ledger hardware wallet is a multifunctional wallet, a hardware device that securely stores private keys.


Trezor has general ease of use and high security and is a hardware wallet.

TREZOR is a high-tech data encryption storage.


OPendime has average ease of use and high security and belongs to a hardware wallet.

Bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer OPendime is one of the "technology-leading" companies in the field of digital currency security. It is affiliated with Coinkite, a Bitcoin company located in Canada that provides Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets and payment terminal services. OPendime multilingual user interface: Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, French, German, and French bring convenience to everyone.

4. Coldlar wallet

Kushen Wallet has average ease of use and moderate security and is a hardware wallet.

The English name of the Kushen Wallet is Coldlar, and the Kushen Wallet is affiliated to Beijing Kushen Information Technology Co., Ltd., a technology company focusing on providing secure storage solutions for encrypted assets. The hardware wallet adopts a "cold and hot separation" architecture so that the private key never touches the Internet, completely eliminates the risk of the private key being stolen by network hackers and realizes the secure storage of a variety of encrypted assets.

5. HyperPay

HyperPay has average ease of use and moderate security. It is a hardware wallet.

HyperPay is a four-in-one digital asset wallet that innovatively integrates custodial wallets, self-managed wallets, co-managed wallets, and hardware wallets. Adhering to the core concept of "security is the original intention, and value-added is the mission", HyperPay provides financial services such as asset custody, wealth management, and consumer payment for global digital currency users and enterprises.


KeepKey has a high ease of use and medium security. It is a hardware wallet.

KeepKey wallet is a hardware wallet that supports multiple currencies and is currently acquired by Shapeshift. KeepKey uses a unique recovery mechanism, which makes it safer to use. This mechanism allows users to recover with only 12 words. The additional security mechanism means that the user does not need to store the private key on the device. They can restore their private keys and transactions, and then erase the records on the device. This can be regarded as the safest way to store bitcoins.


WOOKONG has a high ease of use and high security and belongs to the hardware wallet.

WOOKONG is a professional-grade encrypted digital asset custody solution that combines high-strength cryptographic algorithms and high-level financial security hardware solutions. It has higher security than multi-signature wallets and cold wallets. Main service objects: Financial institutions, exchanges, teams, etc. that have higher security requirements than ordinary hardware cold wallets and multi-signature wallets.


Cobo is easy to use and has moderate security. It is a hardware wallet.


Scatter has average ease of use and moderate security. It is a hardware wallet.

Scatter wallet is a plug-in EOS wallet installed on a chrome browser, similar to Ethereum's MetaMask.

10.Qtum Core

Qtum Core is difficult to use and has moderate security. It is a hardware wallet.

Qtum Core wallet is the official wallet of Quantum Chain Qtum. Qtum Core wallet has a desktop wallet and a mobile wallet.

Generally speaking, when investors do not need to use digital currency, they should put the digital currency in the digital currency cold wallet and cut off the online connection, so that even hackers will have no way to attack and steal the investor's digital currency. Therefore, investors are reminded that if the amount of digital currency involved is large, it is safer to use a digital currency cold wallet.

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