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What is Brand Engagement?

Every successful company offers quality products and/or services, has a targeted customer base, and has a stellar sales and marketing strategy. A well-executed marketing strategy includes brand engagement – it is the key to acquiring new customers and earning repeat business. It is key to the success of any marketing strategy.

What exactly is brand engagement and how does it work? In simple terms, brand engagement is often described as the connection between customers and a company product and/or service. It is often characterized by a customer’s loyalty and continued business.

Brand engagement is more than just feel-good relationship building. It is often measured according to the following metrics:

  • Customer retention.

  • Repeat business.

  • New business acquisition.

  • Improved products and services.

Inviting customers to interact with a company’s products and/or services via social media, email, surveys, polls, contests, and customer-provided content are a few of the ways to get customers to become emotionally invested in your company’s business offerings. Testimonials from loyal customers will go a long way in promoting and selling your products and/or services to new prospects.

Building Brand Engagement Most businesses have many of the elements in place — a website, email, e-commerce platform (if applicable), and at least one social media account. It’s a matter of putting together a strategy that is well-planned and can be measured, monitored, and tweaked for success – the result: an increase in sales and future business growth.

Maryville University’s in-depth guide, Brand Engagement Guide for Your Business, provides detailed insights and resources on the following areas: - A Look At Brand Engagement - Brand Engagement Examples That Help Promote Businesses - Top Brand Engagement Examples - How to Bring Brand Engagement - Brand Engagement Marketing Tactics - 4 Key Brand Engagement Metrics - And much more!

Barbara Ferrigno, Concept Marketing Group With 44 years of experience and over 8000 clients nationwide and internationally, Barbara has the knowledge and expertise in developing and implementing effective marketing strategies through targeted, managed, strategic campaigns. Our main focus: putting you in front of your target audience and taking your company to the next level. Growing a business can be challenging but well worth the rewards.

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