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What's Your Competition Doing?

Research Your Competition

One of the things that I have always found useful is to research my competition in the marketplace to get a look/feel regarding what they are doing.

Here are some quick and easy tips relating to ‘Researching Your Competition’: (Note: do these actions on 2-3 other businesses, not just 1)

  1. What Content Seems to Work for Them? Look & see WHAT TYPE of content other businesses are posting & what gets the audience’s attention/engagement.

  2. See What hashtags(#) They Are Using Look at what hashtags seem to be frequently used by other businesses in your niche/industry & leverage these #hashtags too.

  3. See What Trends They Participate In Check out what trends other businesses are participating in & look at the engagement results too.

It’s a responsible ‘business action’ to research what others are doing so that you are not ‘left behind’ and so that you can get a strong idea of how to change your business strategy/direction to possibly differentiate yourself from others.

With that being, said, SCHEDULE a TIME to WORK w/ me during a FREE CONSULTATION Session - I GUARANTEE you that at the end of our time together, you will have 3 things that you can begin IMPLEMENTING IMMEDIATELY & seeing results!


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