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Why do YOU do Trade Shows?

This week we have a topic that is so critically important to your success at Trade Shows for sure, but also is the key to success throughout every area of your life. Your WHY. Why do you do something? What's your purpose for doing what you do? From the work you do to the relationships you fight for, to the workout schedule you try to keep, to the goals you strive for. As you listen to this week's episode - and beyond - take time to ponder this in every part of your life. If you are struggling anywhere, it's probably because your WHY isn't clear or isn't strong enough. So keeping it short and sweet this week. 3 things to Propel you and your shows forward! You got this! 1) This week - Finding Your WHY Leads to Success Businesses that have more locked-in and enthusiastic workers at trade shows will draw in and engage with more attendees. You get more enthusiasm when you find your purpose...Your WHY!

Joel Bromley, husband, father of 4, and financial coach, is on a mission to build relationships stronger than the third pig-built houses. He understands the importance of WHY in every part of business and life. Joel and I discuss...

  • What is a Why?

  • How do you Discover your Why?

  • The importance of training on the "why" can be a complete game changer for a lot of companies.

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2) Jim's Pro Trade Show Tip #184 - Learn from the game TETRIS! When playing the game Tetris, what happens when all the shapes in one row fit perfectly together? The row disappears. The same thing happens at Trade Shows - if you fit in with all the other booths in your row, YOUR DISPLAY will disappear! Do things to help you stand out! Get creative, be different, and get Memorable!!

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