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Why the links between Marketing & Human Resources is so Important

Human Resources is definitely one of the most important department inside a firm. The larger a company is, the more crucial it becomes to have a good director overseeing HR. That is because, if you don’t find the right people to work inside the company, then growth will simply become a dream. It is especially true in regards to the marketing department. Here is a look at the situation.

A Good HR Director is a Good Manager Managing is the keyword when it comes to human resources. By handling personnel the right way, you make sure that the rest will follow. In fact, if this department doesn’t do its job how it should be done, there is a chance there may not be a lot left else to manage. The organization is another important part of their work, which is why most of them today use HRMS (Human Resource Management System) to stay on top of everything that is going on, as well as what needs to be handled regarding all employees working inside the firm.

The link between each department has to be fluid, whenever they need to talk to each other. The HR director takes that in account when he hires employees, to make sure that they will all get along, but also that they will complete each other. Managing these relationships and the one with the CEO is a large part of the work, indeed.

HR’s Role in Marketing Today, regarding the marketing department, HR has to deal with the fact that the offer is thin when it comes to digital marketing specialists. It is caused by the increased demands from companies looking to solidify a post that has become crucial for their sales (and survival). The last two years have seen almost every company around the world increase its digital marketing.

They either proceeded forward or were not able to sell their products. That is true for all of those that did not have an outlet when the lockdowns took place due to the coronavirus. Now that they need to keep growing their sale, online marketing employees and managers are the solutions.

That overall need has created a thin market for those looking to hire an online marketing specialist. When they do find one, companies need to find the right elements that will attract prospective employees. Money is always involved, but as we know, Millennials and those part of Generation Z are both looking for more than just financial retribution, from their day job. And so, it comes down to the director of HR to suggest the right package, in order to attract the best candidates, but also to keep them in the long-term, which is probably the hardest part in today’s work market.

Marketing Your Company The second link between marketing and human resources today has to do with the fact that HR directors need to do their own marketing to attract employees. Whereas before there was a long list of people waiting in line, just to get a job, nowadays, many prefer to wait for what they consider the right one. And so, finding the right marketing ideas and tools, to sell their company to candidates, has become part of the work of HR as well.

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