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Why You Should Consider Using Email Validator Services

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Emails that aren't delivered can take a severe toll on your marketing effectiveness. Your reputation is important to successful email delivery. It can be compromised when a lot of emails bounce or get marked as spam.

For this reason, many organizations are beginning to see the importance of email validation that cleans your list and improves your marketing efforts and your reputation. If you don't use services such as email validator by Byteplant, the emails you send to prospect and current customers may fail to reach their destination and become dead or bogus email addresses, screamers and complainers, and spam traps.

The main benefits you can get from email validation include:

1. Decreased Bounce Rate

When you remove invalid email addresses from your list (or stop them from reaching there in the first place) it means that a higher percentage of your sent emails will be delivered.

2. Proactive Approach

It is easier to have a strategy available to head off delivery problems before you get blocked from emailing. Email list cleaning and email validation can help prevent deliverability problems before they even start.

3. Fewer Spam Trap Hits and Complaints

Steering clear of people who will mark spam traps and people who will mark your messages as spam will mean lesser complaint rate and a good sender reputation.

4. Increased Inbox Delivery and Results

With a good reputation from fewer complaints and bounces, more, if not all, of the messages will make it into your subscribers' inboxes, leading to higher open, click, and response rates.

5. Lower Costs of Mailing

You will get more return for your money when emails go to valid inboxes. Even if you carry out emailing in-house, it will save you money and time, because improved deliverability means less manpower and effort to maintain databases and mailing lists.

6. Better Leads

You should not waste money and time emailing bad leads. Emails that are invalid will never convert. Validating emails helps to ensure that you are reaching out to interested parties. Greater open rates translate to increased sales, increased brand exposure and an increase of your conversion rates.

When you have more working addresses, it will translate to more leads and opportunities for revenue.


After email validation implementation, some businesses have reported a reduction in bounce rates of about 75 percent and an increase in open rates of about 20 percent.

You can use address and phone validation services to increase these benefits, and by pairing email validation with many other real-time data services. This can add lots of supplemental information to your records, which include demographical data, addresses, phone numbers, and geographical information.

Start by considering email validation services, which will let you protect your reputation, minimize the risks, and make the most of the prospects that your online presence attracts.



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