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Winter Themed Slots You Don’t Want To Miss

Aside from the inherent fun that one can have on the online slots at, another reason for their sustained popularity is the fact that developers can tailor make their games for specific scenarios. There is an abundance of summer themed titles, for instance, and when big sporting events like the Olympics come about you can be sure that developers will jump on this bandwagon too.

Now then, as the glorious British summertime slowly draws to a close it means that the winter months will once again be rearing their head over the horizon. Yes, it will get colder, but we also have things like Christmas to look forward too, so it’s not all bad! Read on for a selection of winter themed online slots you really don’t want to miss…

Frozen Assets

For gamblers that prefer the simplistic side of online slots Frozen Assets will be absolutely perfect. This is a 3 reel classic style title from RTG that is reminiscent of other retro style online slots such as Lucky Irish by WGS.

Frozen Assets also has an innovative approach to its bonus feature. Each time you have the lucky to encounter a snowflake icon on the reels the snowman on the screen will begin to fill up with snow. Once he is completely full the bonus will be unlocked! Watch out though, sun symbols will melt a bit of snow each time they come around, however they also up the bonus by one credit… Not all bad!

Polar Riches

You would do well to find a winter themed slot game that is quite as good as Polar Riches, a marvellous modern title that has more than its fair share of special bonus rounds and features. Symbols here include some gold teethed orcas (cool, right?), polar bears with gold earrings, and some jewellery laden walruses… it all makes for some rather funny reel spinning if we do say so.

Funny and lucrative, because landing a few of the bonus symbols could grant you up to 7 free spins, and it doesn’t stop there because these can also be hit with a multiplier of up to 6x.

Penguin Power

The motion picture March Of The Penguins voiced by the iconic Morgan Freeman was a huge instigator in increasing the public’s already large love of the funny little flightless birds we call penguins. No surprise there, they are incredibly cute animals, and as such are perfectly suited to online slots too.

Penguin Power is a 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot that can end up being highly lucrative indeed. There are up to 25 free spins waiting to be claimed, for instance, and these can all be multiplied by up to 100x! It means that a win has the potential to be seriously big here.

Mont Blanc

The vast majority of winter themed slots centre around animals or some kind of barren artic landscape, but not Mont Blanc. This slot takes the winter sports as its theme, ensuring that it is one of the most dynamic games on the market!

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