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Working a Show by Yourself? I've Got Some Advice.

If you're a Small Business, you may have worked a trade show or business expo by yourself.  Or maybe you have one coming up.  And bigger businesses do this too! I'm excited to share 9 tips for maximizing your success and efficiency when you find yourself all alone at your table, booth, or exhibit! But...before you dig into the 9 tips in under 6 minutes...there's one big piece of advice I have for you if you're planning on working a show by yourself...Don't.  Just don't! Do whatever you can to have a second person with you, whether a co-worker, trusted colleague, or friend. I explain why right at the beginning of the episode. But understanding you might still be alone working the next show, I then dive into the 9 tips! 

Listen to the Interview here-------------------------------------------BONUS!!  How would you like to have 5 FR*EE Hotel Nights so you can make Traveling to your next show more affordable?

It's at Marriott hotels, with no gimmicks, no timeshares, can be used around the world all year long, and zero out-of-pocket costs.

Here's what you do in 5 simple steps...

  1. Open a Marriott Bonvoy account - their frequent traveler account (free at the Marriott site)

  2. Use the link in the comments below to apply for a Marriott credit card

  3. Spend $5,000 on the card in the first 3 months. When you hit $5,000 stop using the card! And be sure to pay off the card each month.

  4. The 5 free night certificates will appear in your Bonvoy account!

  5. Book your vacation!!

Even Better- many of their hotels include breakfast, and there's no tax on your room either!!   Absolutely no cost to you!  

Just Click on This Link to Sign Up and see the details!  Know that by you signing up, I'll get some bonus points in my Marriott account. So a Win-Win!!

NOTE: This offer for 5 free nights expires on March 27, 2024!  So don't wait!!  After that, you can still get their usual promotion of 3 free nights, which ain't shabby either.:o)

Don't forget to Subscribe to theTrade Show U YouTube Channel so you don't miss any new tips, strategies, and video training!

And if you Really, I mean REALLY want to make sure you Max Out the results from your next Event, then click this link and Schedule a Professional Booth Review!

Let's Work together  That would be so amazing...and great for your Bottom Line! Jim

Jim CermakHost & Trade Show Coach  

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